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Telford MP Lucy Allan says 'time to move on' from partygate scandal as Boris Johnson is grilled

County MPs have offered very differing views on former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the partygate scandal.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson

As Mr Johnson gave evidence to the Common's Privileges Committee both Telford's Conservative MP Lucy Allan, and North Shropshire's Liberal Democrat MP Helen Morgan gave their verdicts on the former PM.

Ms Allan said the country's focus should be elsewhere, adding that she believes it is "time to move on" and that Mr Johnson had already paid a heavy price over the issue.

Lucy Allan MP

But Mrs Morgan pulled no punches – saying she did not believe the former PM was telling the truth.

Ms Allan said: "Boris Johnson has paid a heavy price for ‘partygate,’ losing his position as PM, so soon after winning a very successful general election campaign and having led the country through an unprecedented pandemic.

"There are many challenges now facing the country and our constituents expect us to focus on these. It’s time to move on."

But Mrs Morgan said: "Boris Johnson wants us to believe he’s an idiot, and not a liar, but I think he’s both.

Helen Morgan MP

"He wrote the rules so his suggestion that he didn’t know what he was doing is ludicrous.

"As families were making huge sacrifices to keep their communities safe, Boris Johnson and his Downing Street staff were laughing, drinking and partying.

"People in north Shropshire want to be able to rely on an ambulance when they need one and to be able to afford to heat their homes. Instead they have to put up with weekly episodes of the Conservative clown show.

"Johnson’s desperate attempts to worm his way out of being held accountable are proof of how little he cares about good Government and how little he cares about the British public."