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Boris Johnson 'has not broken purdah rules'

No action will be taken over allegations that prime minister Boris Johnson broke purdah rules.

Boris Johnson

Earlier this week, Mr Johnson MP, visited Wales and the Brecon and Radnorshire constituency where a by-election was being held today.

On Monday, while visiting Scotland, Mr Johnson pledged a £300 million pot of funding for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This funding could be used as part of the Mid Wales Growth Deal which involves the UK and Welsh governments, councils and private firms attempting to boost the region’s economy.

Although the growth deal is still in the setting up stages, one of the areas that could benefit is Brecon and Radnorshire.

Powys and Ceredigion County Councils have signed an inter-authority agreement to work together on the £200 million deal that is a supposed to create up to 4,000 jobs.

A complaint made by Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales East, Delyth Jewell centred on the growth deal.

She asked for an “immediate investigation” by pointing out that the Mid Wales Growth Deal,  would benefit the constituency.

But the UK government said it was not specific to Brecon and Radnorshire.


A  Government spokesperson said: “The government announcement covered Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“This included more funding available for all growth deals, following an announcement of England-wide funding.

“The announcement included references to existing deals, such as the one for Mid Wales, and was not specific to any constituency, including where the by-election is taking place.”

The spokesperson added that the  pre-­election guidance that was issued for the 2017 General Election applies, to the extent relevant, to this by-­election.

The allegations were a talking point on social media in Powys.

With Conservative activists and councillors pointing out the Welsh Government members had made political announcements during the last month that could be seen as breaking purdah and affecting the by-election.

Powys County Councillor for Trewern, Amanda Jenner, tweeted: “Are they saying that elected politicians can’t publicly mention anything that they are doing during purdah that might indirectly positively impact on their party in a local by-election?

Pointing to the Welsh Government’s Edcuation Secretary, Kirsty Williams AM’s announcement on July 22, that teachers in Wales would be given a pay rise Councillor Jenner added: “What about this then? Would seem crazy to me if this is the case!!!”