Shropshire Star

Newly installed speed limit sign removed to make way for Shifnal fun fair

A newly erected speed limit sign in Shifnal had to be removed last week as it was in the way of the town's carnival and fun fair.


The 20mph sign on the corner of Bradford Street and Shrewsbury Road was erected towards the end of last year as part of Shropshire Council's £3.6 million revamp of the town centre, which saw speed limits cut.

However, it was realised in April that the newly erected sign would hamper plans for the town's annual carnival and the accompanying fun fair in the town centre, which took place on Saturday.

To make room, the speed limit sign was temporarily removed last week.

A spokesman for Shropshire Council said the cost of the removal and replacement of the sign would fall on the fair operators, who needed the space to operate one of its rides.

He said: "Shropshire Council officers meet with the fair representatives in April and it was agreed that the sign post could be temporarily removed and then reinstalled at the end of the fair and the lifting of the closure of Broadway.

"The costs for this are being met by the fair organisers.

"The removal of the sign is to facilitate the placing of one ride in particular. There were meetings with the fair in the early days of the town centre work design phase.

"However, details of the positioning of the rides only became available during the latter part of last year, long after the consulted design had been fixed, approved by Shifnal Town Council and subsequently constructed."