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Stunning country estate once sold by Henry VIII on the market near Ludlow for £2 million

It looks a little like something out of a fantasy version of Tudor England, but this property near Ludlow is very much real. And it's for sale.

The stunning property is worth £2 million but it has planning permission for three three-bedroom barn conversion.

If you have access to a cool £2 million you might want to consider adding this incredible seven-bedroom country estate in Caynham to your no doubt already impressive property portfolio.

It comes with a large farm house, its own stables, an old granary and a side barn - not to mention a natural pond, a cider orchard and a cool archway that leads you into the main courtyard

Forming part of an estate that was once sold by Henry VIII - the property has been well looked after and has retained some of its original features. It's just packed full of characterful history which is one of the reasons we thought it warranted an article on

The exterior is stunning, almost fantasy-like.