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Shrewsbury pub to be demolished after fresh plans for 'modern' homes are lodged

A pub looks set to be demolished after new plans for 16 "modern" homes were lodged.

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The Anchor Inn, Harlescott, Shrewsbury

The Anchor, in Gloucester Road, Harlescott, Shrewsbury, closed in 2019 after being bought by Birmingham businessman, Faz Nawaz, who has submitted fresh plans to knock it down. He wants to build 10 flats and six houses on the site.

The pub was previously approved for demolition in 2020, despite objections from Shrewsbury Town Council and previous landlords.

A planning application for demolition of the pub to make way for six houses and a three-storey block of nine apartments was refused by the council’s planning committee in 2014, and the pub was designated an Asset of Community Value in 2015. It was, however, removed from the list in July 2019.

Mr Nawaz's latest plans feature "more modern aesthetics" to the previously granted application.

A planning statement said: "The scheme proposes the demolition of the public house known as The Anchor Inn and the construction of a new residential apartment block in its place. The housing development to the east of Anchor Inn remains largely the same as previously approved aside from the overall aesthetics of the scheme.

"The proposed dwellings will be three stories but will be lower on height than the residential dwelling adjacent to the site. The third floor will have dormer windows and it is proposed that these are of a more modern aesthetic than the dormer windows previously approved.

"The Anchor Inn is proposed to be demolished, with a new apartment block built on similar footprint, matching the proposed aesthetics of the residential dwellings. This will ensure that the development will look cohesive, whilst promoting better design and regenerating the site and area as whole.

"As per the submitted street scene, it is clear that the size and massing of the proposed apartment block is similar to that of the existing Anchor Inn public house, with now overarching harm caused to the area or the Scheduled Ancient Monument to the north of the application site.

"The proposed residential units are split into two blocks of three properties with open spaces between the proposed apartments maintained. This will ensure that views to the ancient monument are maintained for the existing residents."

Shrewsbury Town Council previously raised concerns of "over-development" of the area, and a former landlord said the loss of the pub would be a "massive blow" to the area.

However, a report by planning officer Jane Raymond said: “Officers agree that it is not realistic to consider that the building could open again as a public house and that it would be a viable business.

“There are a number of other pubs within easy walking distance of the site that are competitors to this site and offering much-improved facilities and services and this also serves to demonstrate that there are other equivalent or better community facilities within the locality.

“There have been no objections to the proposal from local residents and only one objection from a former tenant.

“It is considered that sufficient reasoned justification has been provided to demonstrate that The Anchor Inn is not viable in the long term.

“The conversion of the building to apartments and the erection of six dwellings is acceptable in principle in this location and although resulting in the loss of a community facility it is considered that there are other facilities of equivalent or improved provision available nearby.”