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'Thoroughly disgraceful!': Shrewsbury man sunk teeth into police officer and threw plant pot through window

A man who bit a policeman and threw a plant pot through someone's window has been ordered to pay nearly £1,000 in compensation.

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Shrewsbury Crown Court

Charlie Black, aged 41, was told his behaviour was "thoroughly disgraceful" by a judge at Shrewsbury Crown Court after the late night incident in the Harlescott area of the town.

The court was told that Black was seen pacing outside a house at around 1.30am before throwing the plant pot through the porch window.

He then waved a piece of broken glass from the window in the air. He also smashed the windows of the victim's Audi A5. About £470 worth of damage was caused to the porch and car windows.

The victim of that incident was the best friend of Black's partner's son.

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