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Kids on the beat with African drumming workshop

Primary school youngsters hit the perfect beat while they learned more about black history this week.

SHREWS COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR JAMIE RICKETTS 03/11/2021 - African Drumming workshop held at Greenacres Primary School in Shrewsbury. (Note - no names)..

Year six children from Greenacres Primary School in Harlescott, Shrewsbury, got involved in an African drumming workshop as part of their studies.

Malian Djembe drums were brought in for the children to play, and they were also taught about the history of the instrument. After the workshop, they performed and did a presentation to fellow pupils, and are set to give another performance for parents.

Teacher Mary Nisbet said: "Last half term they have been studying the history of the slave trade and doing work on black history.

"They had a great time. The rest of the Key Stage 2 classes got to watch, and the year sixes were able to explain lot of the history behind the drums."

Opportunities for such interactive learning have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but the children enjoyed this chance.

"They had not been able to workshops like this in schools for a while, so it was really nice to be able to do something together again," added Miss Nisbet. "They were engaged and happy and really loved it. We are going to spend more time on music after they had such fun doing that."

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