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'Yellowheart Lane': Mystery as Shrewsbury footpath renamed in honour of Covid-19 victims

A Shrewsbury footpath has been decorated with yellow hearts to commemorate the victims of Covid-19.

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SHREWS COPYRIGHT EXPRESS&STAR TIM THURSFIELD-22/02/21.A footpath off Onslow Drive, Shrewsbury, has been 'renamed' Yellowheart Lane, after yellow hearts have been placed along the route in memory of the people who have died from Covid........

Mystery surrounds who it was that named the path Yellowheart Lane, but it has become a popular and poignant attraction to people who appreciate the art and bright colours, as well as the message behind it.

The footpath has been 'renamed' Yellowheart Lane

The lane, which runs from the top of Onslow Drive to the A528 Ellesmere Road in Harlescott, features several carved hearts on fence posts, hanging from branches and resting in tree hollows.

One of the hearts carries the message: "Not just a number, a sister, brother, son, father, daughter, mother, cousin, aunt, wife, husband, a person, a life. RIP." There are also custom-made street signs which say "Yellowheart Lane, SY1 #loveforthelost".

The footpath has been 'renamed' Yellowheart Lane

A dog walker who spotted the new feature on the lane said: "It appears someone has been cleaning this lane and renamed it Yellowheart Lane and even put up a street sign. There was a hashtag on the sign that says love for the lost, I looked it up and its a memorial page for people lost to Covid-19. It explains why there are wooden yellow hearts along the route as that is their memorial symbol."

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