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Cat takes on reporting role after influx of kittens at rescue centre

A cat has taken on the role of repawter to keep people updated with news from Shropshire Cat Rescue.

Rudy the Cat

Two-year-old ginger tabby, Rudy, who belongs to shelter manager Marion Micklewright, has been supporting volunteers by spreading the word about the rescue's Kitten Appeal.

It comes after the shelter has seen a rise in the number of abandoned and orphaned kittens being dropped off at the shelter –last weekend the total topped 52 kittens.

Thirteen of the kittens arrived after being found on a neighbour's drive and the shelter wrote a post for social media asking the person who left them to get in touch.

Volunteer Susie Philips said: "Rudy has helped out with being the reporter for the Kitten Appeal video that takes you through stories of the cats and kittens who are being cared for by our devoted volunteers.

Rudy the Cat
Shropshire Cat Rescue has seen an influx in kittens being dropped off at the shelter

"He tells the story of the two sisters who arrived together heavily pregnant and didn’t take to being separated so they were given a pen together with two birthing boxes.

"The sisters gave birth within a day or so of each other and doing so in the same box, they helped each other through giving birth and have progressed on to taking it in turns to feed the kittens.

"It really is beautiful to witness and a true representation of how female cats in feral colonies will share caring responsibilities."

"As a charity we urge people to get in touch if they are struggling for any reason and unable to neuter their male or female cat," Susie added.

"It is so important cats are neutered to not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also for their welfare, as unneutered cats will roam further and be at more risk of fighting and obtaining injuries.

"Our admin volunteers are working really hard to keep up with requests for help and requests to adopt and they will respond as soon as possible.

Rudy the Cat
Rudy the Cat

"We are so fortunate to have such willing and dedicated volunteers."

To make a donation to Shropshire Cat Rescue's Kitten Appeal, visit

To enquire about adopting a kitten, visit