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The faces of machete-wielding thugs jailed for threatening to stab mother and her children

Police have released images of two machete-wielding thugs jailed last week for swinging the terrifying weapons at a father and his 12-year-old daughter just weeks after threatening a mother and her children saying they would 'slice you up'.

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The pair were jailed for 28 months

Cameron Buckley, 21, and Gregory Aston, 20, were jailed at Shrewsbury Crown Court last week for 28 months.

The court had heard that on September 3 last year, Buckley and Aston, riding a moped and a bicycle, were seen chasing a man in Sandhurst Meadows in Shrewsbury – swinging a large machete and a 'Rambo-style knife' at him.

When the victim's mother tried to defuse the situation, but both Buckley and Aston waved the weapons at her and her children telling her they would 'slice you up'.

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