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This is what Conservatives fear about Sir Keir Starmer most - and what it means for Shropshire

Shrewsbury's MP Daniel Kawczynski was invited to hear an Indian delegation outline how they want to engage with Britain in a closer post-Brexit relationship this week. And while it was generally positive, it also raised the spectre of something that looms large in the minds of many Conservatives.

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Brexiteers think trade and control over immigration policy are the key benefits of Brexit.

For Kawczynski and, he says, some of his Salopian constituents, the greatest apprehension among Tories revolves around the potential for what they term "stealth reintegration" with the European Union under a Labour government.

In an exclusive interview with the Shropshire Star, he expressed deep concerns about the implications of a Labour victory in the next general election, particularly regarding post-Brexit trade agreements.

He said: "London is a very different place to rest of UK.

"He [Starmer] represents one of the most pro-Remainer parts of country and that has not gone away - North London Islington.

"He has no commercial background and never talks about exports and commerce," he continued.

"We have signed 92 Trade agreements all of which are commensurate or better than what we had through EU and he has fought against every single one of those new agreements.

"We have entered world's largest trading block, the CPTPP, and he opposed that.