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'Feels like Christmas Day': Clarkson's Farm star blown away by Shrewsbury's Market Hall

Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper was bowled over by Shrewsbury's Market Hall during a visit to the town.

Photo: @cooper_kaleb on Instagram

Kaleb Cooper, who shot to fame on the Amazon Prime show, was this week in the county town for his stage show 'The World According To Kaleb'.

The sell-out talk was being held at the Theatre Severn on Wednesday evening.

But the farming contractor-turned-unlikely celebrity didn't limit his visit to the town's theatre.

In an Instagram story, Jeremy Clarkson's 25-year-old farming advisor praised The Market Hall Shrewsbury - saying his visit felt "like Christmas Day".

"I think every town should have a market like this," he said.

Photo: @cooper_kaleb on Instagram

Panning the camera round the hall, he added: "Look at it! This is awesome. Feels like Christmas Day."

The Market has recently been crowned Britain’s Favourite Market for the third time - and for the second year in a row.

The success was confirmed at the National Association of British Market Authorities' (NABMA) conference in Birmingham last month.

Shrewsbury Market Hall first won the title in 2018, followed again in 2023, and now in 2024.

At the conference, NABMA Chief Executive David Preston said: “This year the competition attracted its highest ever number of votes, approaching 40,000. One market in particular had huge support.

“Year-on-year this competition demonstrates the value and pride that towns and cities place in their local market and the innovation and diversity that applies in modern market management.

“The public vote for Britain’s Favourite Market has chosen a market known locally as a unique food and drink and shopping destination that offers a vibrant and eclectic fusion of the hand crafted and the hard to find.

“The market is part of the history of its town and, as a new town vision is being debated, it is clearly regarded as part of its future. The market has respected leadership, is not frightened of change and continually seeks to evolve and provide exciting business and start-up opportunities.”