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Parents across the country go bananas for Shrewsbury supermarket's new 'kids till'

A county supermarket has been praised by parents across the country for its 'amazing' new 'children's checkout'.

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The new 'Morrikiddz Till' has gained huge praise online.

Morrisons on Whitchurch Road in Shrewsbury introduced the special checkout earlier this month – with the store's community champion Vicky Hughes revealing the idea on social media.

The checkout lane, which is covered with child-friendly decoration and dubbed the 'Morrikiddz Till', allows youngsters to scan their parents' shopping.

The idea has proved a huge hit, with hundreds of parents across the country calling for their local supermarkets to bring in their own versions.

The lane at the Shrewsbury store is accompanied by a sign explaining that the 'child friendly till' allows youngsters to scan the shopping for their parents.