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Appeal for dumped bunny as its skin condition goes 'out of control'

An appeal has been launched to get to the bottom of why a dumped bunny's skin condition has flared up out of control.

Shrewsbury Rabbit Rescue founder Ashton Kynaston with Elijah. Picture: Shrewsbury Rabbit Rescue

"Gentle giant" Elijah is being looked after by Shrewsbury Rabbit Rescue after he was dumped with another rabbit named Rufus.

SRR hopped to it after being contacted by a vet in Bewdley and harboured hopes that Elijah would be ready to find his "forever home" after being given some TLC and health checks. But sadly those hopes have been dashed, at least temporarily.

Ashton Kynaston, of SRR, said: "However since coming into rescue his issues have become more apparent and we still havent gotten to the bottom of it so that forever home isnt feasible right now.

"Whilst we get to the bottom of what is going on with this gentle giant he will stay with us.

"There is the possibility he may never be well enough to leave and in that eventuality he will join our sanctuary group."

Ashton added: "Elijah has suffered skin issues for a while but now we are at the point that over the last few days it’s completely flared up and is out of control.

"We need to take him for specialist care and diagnostics.

"Could we please all join in on a £1 appeal for Elijah?

If you can, please Chuck £1 in the pot for this gentle giant's treatment."

Shrewsbury Rabbit Rescue can be found on its website Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok

The rescue and sanctuary was established in June 2022 and had just over 200 rabbits through its doors in 2023.

They have a waiting list usually of 500-plus rabbits with nowhere else to turn.

Ashton said: "We are contacted several times a day to take in unwanted rabbits, normally due to children getting bored of them, or the owner no longer having time for them.

"Intentional and accidental breeding is a massive contributor to the overwhelming figures of unwanted rabbits, as well as the sale of them in pet shops – which makes them easily accessible to purchase on a whim with no prior thought or research, it’s later realised how complex they really are, and people then quickly want rid. Many rabbits end up neglected due to outdated notions and lack of education."

Ashton's plea as Easter approaches is - just don't buy a rabbit for the fluffy bunny time of year.

People are encouraged to donate via PayPal with the details and

or for bank transfers you can use the details Ashton Mayo - 04-00-04 - 35856969