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We asked Shrewsbury residents their thoughts on the town after it's named among UK's best

Shrewsbury has been named one of the 'UK's best places to live' - but what do the locals think?

The award-winning Market Hall was given high praise in Muddy Stilettos' assessment of Shrewsbury

As part of its Best Places to Live series, online lifestyle magazine Muddy Stilettos declared Shrewsbury was one of the top places to set up home.

Citing its rich history and period architecture, Muddy Stilettos noted the range of indie shops and high street names as well as the great choice of schools.

One place in particular got a special shout-out though - and it just so happens to be this reporter's favourite county town destination - the Market Hall.

So, we popped down to the award-winning venue to talk to shoppers and traders about what they think about living in Shrewsbury. And aside from the occasional comment about traffic, there wasn't a bad word to be had from the locals.

Nick Turner, 53 and owner of Eat in Pizza Co., has lived in the town for around 20 years after moving back from Manchester.

Nick Turner who owns Eat in Pizza Co.

"I couldn't wait to move back," he said, "that might make be a bit of a bumpkin but I'm quite happy that way.

"It's a slower pace of life, it's a nice size, it's an attractive town and there's lots of good access to the countryside - we're surrounded by greenery."

Pip Tudor, 33, also returned to her hometown around three years ago.

Pip Tudor, from wholefoods and low waste stall, Minimise

She said: "It's small but there is a lot going on, it's a really nice and friendly place to be. Shrewsbury has a nice atmosphere and the houses are much more affordable than in cities."

Helen McPhail, 83, moved to Shrewsbury from London in the late 1960's and hasn't looked back yet.

"We didn't know anything of the place at all. When we arrived we said if we didn't like it we'd give it three years and we'll move on - well, over 50 years later and I'm still here," she said.

"I like this place a lot - it's marvellous. You see a lot of friendly faces around and I like to explore the older parts. It's got such a wonderful history.

"It's particularly good for someone living on their own - it's a very sociable town. There's always something going on, I like all the live music. It's a very good place to make friends and keep them."

35-year-old Libby Gliksman runs Market Cookshop and moved to Shrewsbury around 10 years ago.

Libby Gliksman from Market Cookshop moved to Shrewsbury around 10 years ago

She said: "It's lively and vibrant - there are lots of restaurants and the people are so friendly.

"I love all the independent shops- there's a whole row of independents down Wyle Cop and in the Market Hall here, we're all independent. It's got a really lovely family feel."

Michael Gray, 42, has lived in the town his entire life and now works behind the counter at one of the market's butchers - Corbetts.

"It doesn't really change a lot," he said, "and I like that. It's a fairly straightforward town. Generally, everyone's nice. I've got two young boys and the schools are very good. It's just a pleasant place to live, really."