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'I don't think she'll be doing that again': Thanks for fire crew who freed Ivy, 6, stuck in school chair

A mum has thanked firefighters who helped free her six-year-old daughter when she got stuck in a chair at school.

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The fire Service were eventually required to help Ivy get free

The fire crew were called to Myddle Primary School in North Shropshire to help after Ivy Jones managed to get herself wedged into her chair.

Her mum, Natalie Bradford, lives only a stone's throw from the school and said she had initially been called to help after staff found themselves unable to help the youngster get out.

She said: "I was just at home, it was about 2pm and I had a telephone call from Rachel, the admin lady to say 'There's a bit of a commotion, she's stuck in a chair, can I come and help'."

Natalie, 32, said she made her way to the school in about five minutes and there followed half an hour of efforts to free her daughter from the chair.

"We tried getting her out at all angles," she said. "We even tried Fairy Liquid but she was stuck fast."

Natalie said Ivy, who she describes as a 'bit of a joker', was laughing at the situation – although she started to take it more seriously when the fire brigade were called to help.

The crew was dispatched from Baschurch Fire Station, and Natalie said they had been fantastic in helping get Ivy out of her predicament.

She said: "They were lovely with her, they were really good.

"They looked at her for a bit and decided what tool they wanted to use and then they cut her free after a bit of cutting."

Natalie said Ivy 'likes to mess around' but added: "I don't think she will be doing that again any time soon."

She said the incident had been the talk of the school run – and the village.

"Everyone has been talking about it," she said.

"I was picking her up from school the other day and heard someone saying 'Get from behind there or you will get stuck like Ivy'.

"We went into the local pub that evening and we were talking to the landlord saying what had happened and he said they had already heard one of the tables talking about it earlier."

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