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Deaf and blind cat Johnny crowned king of the castle at cat rescue thanks to generous donations

A deaf and blind cat has moved into a new enclosure featuring his very own castle, built thanks to donations from members of the public.

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Johnny is settling into his new home, with help from Susie Phillips and Rachael Ashton

Volunteers at Shropshire Cat Rescue in Bayston Hill have thanked members of the public for their generous contributions to building Johnny a new home, after they met their target in just four days.

Three-year-old Johnny came to Shropshire Cat Rescue in June from another rescue which was struggling to find him the home that he needed.

Watch Johnny get to grips with his castle - and our photographer Steve:

Volunteers say his desire to be outside meant he was becoming increasingly stressed - he started to overgroom and was breaking out of his fosterer's home to be outside.

Johnny with Susie Phillips and Rachael Ashton