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The Shropshire farmer who took a pick-up truck full of supplies into a military base in Ukraine

A Shropshire farmer who drove a pick-up filled with supplies over to a military base in Ukraine has said the experience will "stay (with him) forever".

Neale Manning (chair of Minsterley Show), Shannon Onions (gate co-ordinator), Lottie Onions-Lee (three months old) and show president David Evans

Dave Evans, from Pontesbury near Shrewsbury, took part in the 'Pick-ups for Peace' project in May, delivering their 100th vehicle all the way to Lviv, western Ukraine, during the country's invasion by Russia.

The vehicles are used to deliver much-needed items to the frontline – including warm clothing and generators – and to the communities which are most impacted by the conflict.

Neale Manning (chair of Minsterley Show), Shannon Onions (gate co-ordinator), Lottie Onions-Lee (three months old) and show president David Evans

Project leaders want to send 200 used ambulances, pick-up trucks or 4x4s over the border by the end of July.

So far, a total of £125,582 has been raised on the crowdfunder page, against a £150,000 target.

Mr Evans, who is also president of the Minsterley Show, said that it was "almost fate" that he came across the project after reading an article in the Farmers Guardian industry newspaper.

He said: "It was circumstance and almost fate really because I got this pick-up which I wanted to move on and was made road-worthy.

"I was looking to sell and I was looking at options, but I wasn't getting very far.

"And coincidentally I read this article in the Farmers Guardian about 'Pick-ups for Peace' and it rang a bell, so that started the ball rolling.

"It was an option for moving the vehicle on and so, the more I thought about it, the more I thought 'this is really an option'.

"If you donate the vehicle, you are asked to take it yourself and when I was told that I could drive it I thought 'oh!' I had never driven on the continent before.

"So, I asked to speak to someone who had done it and I spoke to the co-organiser of the project and he said 'we will look after you'.

"I delivered it to a military base in Lviv and then the organisation got us back."

Reflecting on the experience, Mr Evans said: "I began it as an adventure, but the overriding impact that it has on you is that feeling of gratitude which we received that is quite overwhelming and emotional.

"It will stay forever, it had that much of an impact."

While Lviv is in western Ukraine and not directly involved in the physical conflict, Mr Evans said it has still impacted troops' daily life.

All of the farmers in the convoy were presented with a certificate, expressing the gratitude and thanks of the troops, which Mr Evans said was "very humbling".

Mr Evans said the response he has had from members of the Shropshire community has also been overwhelming, which is why he wanted to do more to help.

Committee members of Minsterley Show are now looking at ways to community-fund a pick-up, make it road worthy and send it over with the next convoy.

Minsterley Show takes place on Saturday, August 19 this year. To get in touch with the committee visit

To make a donation to the 'Pick-ups for Peace' project, visit