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Shrewsbury restaurant giving free curry to the elderly

A Shrewsbury Indian restaurant continues to hand out about 100 free meals a week to NHS workers and the over-70s.

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Chef Shamin and Abdul Husen with some of the meals they have been giving away

A small army of volunteers have come forward to help Cafe Saffron donate about 100 meals every Wednesday to the needy around Shrewsbury, as well as to a ward at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Because of the number of requests from people in need, the restaurant may give out 200 meals next week, according to manager Abdul Husen.

"We have provided 300 meals so far. Local people have come and volunteered to deliver them.

"We have got the kitchens, we have got the full team of staff, our restaurant is closed, so we have got the capacity to do extra food.

“People have been so grateful. Last Wednesday, for example, we sent a meal to an 86-year-old lady who hadn’t eaten all day because she had been rationing her food. She didn’t know the meal was coming. She was so thankful.

“We also supplied meals to a family with an autistic child who had been struggling in isolation. And we cooked 25 to 30 meals for NHS workers and their families.

"It is such a busy time for NHS staff that, after a gruelling shift, the last thing they feel like doing is cooking a meal for themselves and their family.

“We are subsidising the free meals at a cost of hundreds of pounds to ourselves each week. This is a genuine service for people who genuinely need support.

“We don’t want people to go hungry. We want to help people in need and help NHS frontline workers who can do with some extra support and appreciation right now.”