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Concerns over speed of Shropshire Council action on climate emergency

A Shrewsbury business owner says he fears Shropshire Council is failing to give the climate emergency enough urgency.

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Shropshire Council's Shirehall base in Shrewsbury

Mark Fermor, who runs Shropshire Cycle Hub, said he feels the council is not acting quickly enough.

Mr Fermor, who runs the sustainable transport business in Belle Vue Road, said he is pleased the council has declared a climate emergency but says more needs to be done.

An outline framework for tackling the issue was presented at a meeting of full council earlier this month.

But Mr Fermor has urged more to be done at a faster rate.

He said: “I asked councillors at their meeting this month to set a clear target date for net zero Shropshire so all the people of Shropshire can start to see the choices we need to make in our lives and work out a new plan for sustainable living before it is too late for our survival.

“Speaking as a local businessman and concerned citizen I asked the council to recognise that setting a date is essential so that the residents and businesses of Shropshire can make plans.

“Failure to set a date last May when the emergency was declared has led to Shropshire continuing to go the wrong direction.


“I ask that the council now commits to making a plan to do everything within their power to make Shropshire carbon neutral by 2030.”

He added that he welcomed the council’s “clear intention” to set a carbon neutral date, but said he is worried about the slow working.

“It is to be welcomed that the council now has a clear intention to set a target date, but there is a reality gap here.

“I am very concerned that the council is failing to act with due urgency.

“Seven months on from their tasking a group to work on this matter I understand the group has not even been asked to recommend a date, and rather than meeting daily or at least every week to give priority to this emergency issue they have only met every couple of months.

“Let’s hope a sense of urgency can now be injected into this process. The target date must reflect the urgency.

“It will be for the wider county to face the challenge and develop the solutions. As a local businessman we look to them for leadership and local enterprises need to be given a date so we can all work together.

“We need a level playing field to make the investment decisions we need to make for our own net zero operations.”

Shropshire Council said it is working towards setting a date and the task and finish group is being led by Adrian Cooper, a planning and design expert, described by leader Peter Nutting as an “excellent council officer”.