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Pair scratching their heads over Shrewsbury ‘UFO sighting’

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – so what is it? This was what one couple from Shrewsbury were left asking themselves after spotting a mysterious object hovering in the skies.

Gary and Molly were at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital when they spotted the object. Photo: Google StreetView.

Gary Lewis and Molly Casey were at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital when they spotted the object at around 2.30pm on Friday. They said it was in the clouds in the direction of Shawbury.

"It looked like a long narrow black cylinder," said Gary.

"It remained still for several minutes in a vertical position, it then went horizontally through a cloud then it resumed its vertical position. It stayed static for another minute or so then went horizontal and disappeared off away from us."

"It looked too big to be a kid's balloon and definitely didn't behave in the way a balloon would. It was quite high up in the clouds so it couldn't have been a kite."

The couple were left bewildered, wondering if they had just seen a UFO. Others around them also spotted the strange sight, including a doctor at RSH who they believed captured it on video.

Gary and Molly are now urging anyone else who may have seen the object to come forward.

  • Did YOU photograph or video the mystery flying object? Email shrewsbury.reporters@shropshire