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Inquest adjourned into death of woman, 18, in Shrewsbury

A teenager who was found dead in woodland had struggled with mental health and had been on a waiting list for treatment, an inquest heard.

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Rose Chambers

Rose Chambers, 18, who had lived at Crabapple Community in Berrington, was found in a wooded area in Porthill, Shrewsbury, on May 2. She had been declared a high risk missing person the previous day.

An inquest into her death began in Shrewsbury, but coroner John Ellery adjourned the case until next month for a witness who is currently ill to attend and give evidence.

Mr Ellery told the inquest how Rose was declared missing after failing to return from work, and her mother was concerned about items she had found at her home.

The inquest heard she had begun suffering with emotional difficulties back in 2013.

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Help and advice for those having a mental health crisis is available from a number of agencies in Shropshire.

Rose's mother, Kay Chambers, read a statement and told the inquest how her daughter was loving and empathetic.

She described her daughter as someone who "never asked for help and tried to manage on her own."

A friend, Alex Harrison said Rose had described her time at a college in South Wales, as "a darkness she couldn't fight, and there was nothing she could do about it."

Another friend, Arabella Shrubb, said in February 2018, Rose went to her house and said: "Today was the day I was going to kill myself."

She told Miss Shrubb she had had enough.

The inquest also heard that at one point she had written suicide notes and was found with sleeping tablets, and following this discussed suicidal thoughts with people at the college.

Dr Anne Alison, her GP in South Wales, was questioned by solicitor for Miss Chambers, Jamie Gamble, on the use of Fluoxetine, and the side effects it may cause after her mood dropped after taking the drug.

She said it was normal to struggle to begin with, but then the side effects would level out.

Mr Gamble also questioned Sandra Hayman of the Severnfield Health Village in Sundorne, as to why there was a six-month wait up until her death for psychotherapy, and she said the current wait is six to ten months.

A mental health nurse from the Shropshire crisis team, Helen Jones, said Rose told her on April 30 repeatedly that she planned to kill herself.

She said: "She said of her plans to kill herself, and didn't feel she was being taken seriously.

"She said she would kill herself later that night or at some point the following day."

Miss Jones arranged for Rose to talk with night staff at 11pm that evening, and believed Rose would keep herself safe.

However, she said due to her making plans for the future, she didn't think she was actively suicidal.

Mr Gamble also questioned further why there was no mention on a review report following Rose's death, about the claims she wanted to kill herself.

Mr Gamble added the family believe there are discrepancies in another witnesses' evidence, and Mr Ellery adjourned the inquest until December 17 to obtain answers from the witness.

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