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Police officer's surprise expensive discovery investigating suspected fly-tip

A police officer looking to help with a broken down car made an unusual and expensive discovery – hidden in the bushes.

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The £3,000 haul discovered hidden in a hedge.

Police Community Support Officer Kurt Mabe, who covers the Oswestry Central patch, made the find when he spotted what he thought was a fly tip.

Professional curiosity led the officer to investigate the discovery – and instead of a fly-tip found more than £3,000 worth of expensive alcohol bottles, hidden in the bushes.

A total of 90 bottles were stashed in the bush, with some worth as much as £60 each.

The officer said he had also found a barbecue and a child's toy with the unusual haul.

He said: "While on a log for a broken down car, I saw what I thought was a fly tip.

"It turned out not to be rubbish at all, but a very large amount of expensive alcohol hidden in the bushes.

"In total 90 bottles of various makes ranging from £19 to £60 per bottle totalling £3,072.50.

"Also found was a BBQ set and a child's toy giving a grand total of £3156.50."

Accompanying a picture of the find on social media Oswestry's Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "Enquiries are being made with neighbouring forces to establish if they have had any reports of theft."