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Inside the motorhome taking a family-of-five round the world on the adventure of a lifetime

A family-of-five from Shropshire have set off on an extraordinary adventure, travelling the world in a renovated motorhome.

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Ben and Emma Moody, with children Archie, Matilda and Lola

Ben and Emma Moody are embarking on an epic three-year journey as a way of spending more time with their young children, Archie, 12, Matilda, 10 and Lola, eight.

Before purchasing the run-down camper in 2021, Ben and Emma had no experience restoring or building motorhomes. With a little help from friends, the family designed everything with whatever they could lay their hands on.

There's plenty of storage for bikes as well to get out and about while on their adventure

Over two years, the RV was lovingly adapted to cater for all of the families needs, using locally-sourced materials which have been recycled and reused where possible.

Plenty of seating and storage has been built to house the family of five for their three-year trip

Plenty of seating and storage was needed to house the family-of-five for their three year adventure.

The three children have their own beds above the cab, with curtains for privacy

Lola, Matilda and Archie all have their own beds, which have been installed above the cab of the van.

As much as possible was built using recycled and reused locally-sourced materials, including a back-splash made from wooden spoons

As much as possible was made from recycled materials, including the kitchen back-splash, made from colourful wooden spoons.

The camper features plenty of storage, as well as a full-size fridge/freezer

Lots more storage and a full sized fridge/freezer was needed to feed the family of five.

The bathroom features a compost toilet

The bathroom features a compost toilet, decorated with artwork from the children, who were happy to be involved with the design and decoration of their new home on wheels.

There's even a kennel for the family dog, Piccola

The family didn't forget their sixth member, dog Piccola, who will be joining them on their epic adventure.

The family are all good to go

The family of five and their pup have started their adventure travelling through Europe to Morocco, before they will board a ferry across to North America and head south along the Pacific coast to Patagonia.

Ben and Emma will rack up thousands of miles at the wheel of the motorhome

With no final destination in mind, the family hope by the end of the three years, they will have found a more permanent place in the world to call home.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram @ironcrumbandco