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'Taking away our second home': Criticism over plans to demolish pub for housing

Residents have criticised plans to demolish a Shropshire pub to make way for new houses, saying it would be like "taking away our second home".

The Plough Inn, Weston Rhyn. Picture: Google

An application has been made with Shropshire Council for outline planning permission to knock down The Plough Inn at Weston Rhyn, to make way for four new terraced houses.

One objector, Andy Butler, said: "The Plough Inn has been my local public house for 30 plus years. In this time the inn has become a second home to me and a lot of customers from Weston Rhyn. It's where we meet old friends and make new ones on a regular basis.

"I am not against building new homes in Weston Rhyn as I understand that the younger generation require housing. But without a good infrastructure in place, how can we grow as a community? The Plough Inn supports a vast range of ages from young to old and the mixing of different ages only builds the bond and respect a village community needs.

"Going to the Plough Inn is not just about going for a drink. It is a place you can go If you are feel lonely, feel down or just want to talk to someone. I understand with the recent economic climate all public houses are struggling with reduced footfall.

"To demolish our local just for the sake of a few houses cannot be the way forward for the community.

"A large housing estate is already under construction in Weston Rhyn so as the village continues to grow we need our community assets for our generation and future generations to come."

Sarah Rogers added: "I understand the need for housing in the village but my concern is the village is growing in size and we only have one shop and possibly only one public house.

"I have lived across from the Plough for over 50 years and in that time it has hosted christenings, funerals and birthday parties and I personally think it would be a sad day to lose the community hub.

A heritage impact statement prepared by expert Dr Nigel Baker said: "The building appears to be what its exterior suggests: a plain mid-19th century pub, probably (but not necessarily) built as a pub, to service a local working-class clientele working in the nearby colliery, railway, or local farms. It is however a classic English pub which has kept up to date with changes in the business, so original bar arrangements are no longer present, the furniture and finishes are of recent date, and it is now dominated by the flat-roofed rear extension, thought to have been built c.1995.

"The development of new housing on the site of The Plough and its car park will not compromise surrounding heritage assets."

A design and access statement says: "A detailed analysis of the character of the area has been undertaken. This analysis shows that the site is more than suitable for the proposed development and accords with the outline planning permission granted."

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