Oswestry mother hits back after cat advent calendar abuse

A mother who mistakenly purchased a cat advent calendar for her daughter has hit back at online trolls aiming abuse at her.

Jessica Evans with daughters Alexis and Alissa
Jessica Evans with daughters Alexis and Alissa

Jessica Evans, 26, from Oswestry, told her story on social media, about how she had bought an advent calendar for her daughter Alissa, and only realised it was for cats after she had eaten four treats.

She was in shock when she realised the treats were in fact made up of yoghurt and catnip treats for cats.

After eating the treats her daughter was fine, and Ms Evans took to social media to explain the story with the intention of making people laugh in the run up to Christmas.

However she has received a host of abuse for the story, prompting the mother to hit back.

She said: "We haven't made any money from this story, its intention was a light hearted article to make people laugh in the lead up to Christmas, not to open myself up to abuse (but welcome to the age of the internet).

"The calender does state 'for cats on the front' but be honest who reads a calender that was put on the same shelf as the chocolate ones presumably by a customer, I didn't pick it up down the cat section and think to myself this will do."

In her original social media post, she explained her daughter had eaten four treats from the calendar, but didn't open anymore doors.

Another week passed, when Ms Evans finally realised the calendar was a £1.99 Garfield advent calendar from B&M, and contained green tinged cat treats.

The mother said she was shocked, stating last week she felt like the worst mother ever when she realised she had bought her a calendar for cats.

However the former student, who has a degree in English literature and creative writing, explained her daughter was fine and she found the funny side of it once she got over the shock.

Despite abusive comments online, a host of others backed up Ms Evans after the story emerged.

Andy Thorpe added: "I personally think this is brilliant. I'd suggest the 'haters' take their jealousy elsewhere.

"We all make mistakes. Especially rushing. Show me one person that hasn't done something silly in haste, and I'll show you a liar."

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