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Daredevil Whitchurch girl, 6, jumps from plane at 12,000ft to become UK's youngest sky diver

When Lola-Jo Guildford-Bradshaw goes back to school in September, she will have a summer holiday adventure to tell like no other.

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Lola-Jo becomes the UK's youngest skydiver with instructor 'Magic Mike'

For the six-year-old is thought to now be the UK's youngest ever sky diver after she jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet during the summer break.

Lola-Jo, from Whitchurch, took to the skies above Denmark on August 6 after asking her 33-year-old father, Gary Bradshaw, to make her first jump.

Gary started sky diving in 2015 after leaving the army, and became an instructor three years later, meaning his daughter has always been aware of the adrenalin-filled pursuit.

Watch Lola-Jo in action:

"I first mentioned it in March," he said. "She was hesitant, so I didn't mention it again.

"Then, two months ago we were in the Lake District at Dropzone up there and she said 'When is it my turn?' She made the decision."

The pair spent several weeks preparing on the ground, which included trips to wind tunnels, to make sure Lola-Jo was ready.

Lola-Jo and Gary Bradshaw

Gary added: "This was not like a kid at a theme park. She knew what she was doing.

"I dropped the idea (after I first mentioned it). I wanted it to be her choice. I mentioned it in passing, she brought it up which was amazing."

The father and daughter duo then embarked on a road trip to Denmark as the minimum age to dive in the UK is 16, with parental consent.

Phew! It was a safe landing for Lola-Jo and dad Gary

Gary said that sky diving at a young age is more common in other parts of the world, and during their day at Dropzone Denmark, he saw more children than men at the centre.

On the morning of their jump Gary said Lola-Jo was "playing it super cool" and "smiling the whole way there".

"I was quite nervous but tried not to show it and make her nervous," he said. "I've not been that nervous for such a long time as it was my child doing it.

"But she was smiling away on the plane. I can see people who are nervous (before a dive) but she was ready and bossing it."

Gary Bradshaw and daughter Lola-Jo

Lola-Jo was strapped to a skydiving instructor from Dropzone Denmark called Magic Mike - who Gary praised for the way he chatted and interacted with Lola-Jo ahead of the dive - who also filmed their descent using a GoPro and hand-held camera.

"I would have been proud of anyone being like that, but the fact it was my daughter I thought 'yes, this was definitely the right choice'. For if she didn't like it she would not have wanted to do it again which would break my heart.

"But the fact she wants to go again is amazing."

Gary is sure his daughter is the country's youngest sky diver, with the previous record being set by a seven-year-old boy in 2009.

After landing the beaming Lola-Jo wanted to go back up for a second jump, before her and Gary went to enjoy a day at Legoland.

Being described as 'full of beans', daredevil Lola-Jo explained: "I start off a little bit scared but I'm also really excited when I'm doing it.

"It is all fun, but flying the parachute and spinning are my favourite parts. I've never done one and I really wanted to do it, my friends said it was awesome.

"I want two jobs, one to work in a cafe and the other to do skydiving at the weekends."

Gary added: "She's a normal girl as well who likes to jump in muddy puddles. But she's definitely a daredevil,"

The pair hope to make more trips to Dropzone Denmark and jump again in future, before Lola-Jo makes her first solo skydive when she's old enough.