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Market Drayton's Grinch explains reason for dressing up as grumpy character - and costume issue

A woman has been overwhelmed by the response of townsfolk to her dressing up as The Grinch to raise money for mental health.

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Rebecca Sutton, owner of The Town Barbers in Market Drayton, has been dressing up as The Grinch and goes around the town collecting for charity - Mental Health Research UK..

Becky Sutton is the 36-year-old mother-of-one from Market Drayton who has been donning the green of The Grinch, a famously grumpy and cantankerous character, to also get people to donate to a mental health charity.

You may also have seen her on Facebook, starring in videos.

Becky, who runs Hair By Becky_Barberpole from the Town Barbers, said: "I thought about doing it last January. I have had issues with my mental health and if you look at it the story of The Grinch touches on some of those issues of the problems of Christmas.

"So I decided to have a window display which would come alive."

So she has been popping up around town in videos that have taken off on Facebook and given her a great reception in the town. Local children have been keen to have their pictures with The Grinch and Becky also did the light switch on.

"This has been a hit with the kids and adults. Even business have now got me doing little videos and donating to mental health too," she said.

"The whole of Market Drayton has been watching and waiting for where Grinch has been on Facebook and what he has been up to.

"I don't know how much I have raised as it has all gone in the sealed pot and won't know till I have handed the charity the pot back.

"I am truly overwhelmed as I never thought from an idea the whole town love it and got involved I am proud of the little town I call home for supporting my idea and giving to mental health charity that is close to my heart.

"All this from a Christmas window display, I am so proud of the way the town has reacted."

But Becky revealed that she is in her last week being at the centre of attention on Facebook videos.

"Things are getting busier in the shop now as we approach Christmas," she said.

But she said she would still be donning The Grinch costume for a while especially for the children.

However, a good green thing won't last forever as Becky revealed: "I am allergic to the Grinch costume!"