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Climate group welcomes in new year with first meeting to turn Market Drayton greener

Market Drayton's Climate Action Group held its first meeting this week, with 25 people attending.

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Mayor Roy Aldcroft with Market Drayton Climate Action Group members

The group's meeting was held on Monday in the town, as they discussed the possibility of setting up a repair cafe and other schemes to share green knowledge.

Nancy Stewart chaired the meeting and said a wide range of ideas were thrown about and it was encouraging to see so many people interested.

The group had to limit attendance numbers due to the size of the meeting space, but have plenty of people wanting to get involved.

Nancy said: "We were very encouraged. There was a wide range of people in attendance. People came with various interests but all really committed to seeing a change.

"Some people had been involved in climate change groups for many years but wanted to get started with something more local. Some ideas we discussed what sharing of materials and things like a repair cafe so we are doing less consuming and more recycling.

"We also want to raise awareness and help people to understand their own carbon footprint."

The group will meet monthly but have decided to host an extra meeting on January 25 as they are still getting things up and running.

Nancy added: "After a couple more meetings, we will be clarifying our aims and objectives, but these initial meetings have been a great way to get ideas thrown around.

"We are very much looking forward to joining up with other community groups, especially schools and young people. We want to really get involved with young people because it is their future."

The group is looking to split its time three ways:

  • 'Personal' action – raising awareness and informing people of climate issues, particularly supporting individual actions to reduce carbon footprints

  • 'Community' action – developing local initiatives and infrastructure

  • 'Beyond' action – campaigning and lobbying for changes to meet national and international targets which are beyond the reach of individual lifestyle change.