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Praise for parish council's fight to see village railway station reopened

Shrewsbury town councillors have applauded the campaign to re-open Baschurch Railway Station.

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The former Baschurch station sits next to the Shrewsbury to Chester railway line.

Councillor Chris Lemon congratulated Baschurch Parish Council’s efforts to re-open it's railway station, and its first successful steps towards the project.

Earlier this month the parish council and residents convinced a planning committee to ignore council officers’ advice and give a housing development the green light.

The developer, Shingler Homes, has pledged to ring-fence land for a railway station car park in its plans for new housing.

Councillor Lemon said that having a car park would be essential for the village to have any chance of getting a station in the future.

"The scheme they envisage involves a transport interchange hub next to the station which will enable a greater catchment area to be taken into account when making the case for reinstatement, facilitating an integrated public transport service involving walking, cycling, buses and rail in the ideal scenario."

Town councillors agreed to his motion to call on the Shrewsbury Area Committee of Shropshire Association of Local Councils through its Representative to consider how this parish council initiative might be promoted widely across the county as an example of best practice on developing sustainable transport at the first tier of Local Government.

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