Shropshire Star

Car park U-turn by council

Councillors look likely to do a U-turn on imposing charges in nine car parks, after discovering the income that would be earned would be outweighed by the cost of enforces the payment.


Powys Council Council had voted to make four car parks, including Watergate Street in Llanfair Caereinion, pay and display with another five, including one in Llandiloes, resident permit holder sites. All are currently free to park.

But a Highways committee will be told on Tuesday that the income from the new charges did not include the provision of a civil enforcement officer to make sure the payment was made.

Income expected was £31,681 but the annual enforcement costs would total £31,026 making a net income of only £655.

"This does not take into account any initial capital outlay to procure and install Pay and display machines and any necessary signage," the report says."

"Given that the net income prediction of implementing the charges amounts to only £655 per year it is not considered appropriate to pursue the planned introduction of the Traffic Order ."

Councillors will be asked to look at the maintenance of the car parks in a future meeting.

"Whilst these car parks do not provide any income from vehicles using them the Council is still required to ensure they are adequately maintained so they do not give rise to liability claims. It is considered that a further review should be undertaken on these car parks to determine how best these are managed or operated in the future to reduce the liability on the authority."