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Revealed: This year's most popular dog names according to their breed

The most popular dog names have been revealed in a new study by a pet insurance company.

Chances are, this dog is called Luna

If you want to avoid some confusion at the dog park, it's probably best to avoid calling your furry friend Poppy, Bella or Teddy.

These names are among the most popular names for dogs in 2024, according to research by insurance company, Petsure.

The study has also unpacked the most popular names for dogs depending on their breed, so buckle up your pup for some incoming facts.

Luna has come in at the top spot, followed by Bella, Milo, Willow and Poppy. Teddy, Lola, Daisy, Coco and Rosie make up the rest of the top ten.

Chances are, this dog is called Luna

When it comes to the most-used names for the UK’s most popular breeds, Teddy is a common choice for Cockapoos, likely because of the pup's teddy-like appearance.

For Jack Russells, pup-parents prefer the name Bella.

While Luna is in the top spot for Cocker Spaniels, Bailey, Cooper and Bonnie have made it into their top 10.

Luna is particularly pup-ular for Labrador Retrievers too, but Buddy is a fan-favourite for this friendly breed.

Mythological names enter the fold with German Shepherd owners, with Loki and Zeus coming in the top 10.

Staffie owners seem to mix it up a little more than others, with Reggie, Blue, Ruby and Skye proving particularly popular.

Here are the full top 10s for each of the breeds, based on the policies taken out with Petsure so far this year:


Teddy, Bella, Luna, Bailey, Poppy, Willow, Milo, Rosie, Winnie and Bonnie.

Jack Russells

Bella, Buddy, Lola, Daisy, Luna, Rosie, Poppy, Charlie, Toby, Milo.

Cocker Spaniels

Luna, Willow, Milo, Poppy, Bella, Bailey, Daisy, Cooper, Rosie and Bonnie.

Labrador Retrievers

Luna, Willow, Milo, Buddy, Lola, Ruby, Bailey, Daisy, Mabel and Bella.

German Shepherds

Luna, Bella, Bear, Loki, Lola, Max, Nala, Zeus, Willow and Shadow.

Golden Retrievers

Luna, Bailey, Willow, Nala, Cooper, Milo, Teddy, Daisy, Bonnie and Poppy.


Luna, Bella, Lola, Milo, Reggie, Blue, Daisy, Ruby, Skye, Rosie.

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