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Happy ending at last to the 14-month Bridgnorth Cliff Railway saga

It is a saga that has left one of Bridgnorth’s biggest attractions idle for more than a year.

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Senior engineer Barry Evans in the newly decorated entrance in Low Town

Today, at last, Bridgnorth Cliff Railway was up and running again – and was marking the moment by offering local people rides for free.

It has been a journey that some thought would never end. Since a retaining wall was deemed unsafe, there have been twists and turns and constant frustration, not to mention the £500,000 that taxpayers will have to foot to pay back the bill for repair work.

The railway, which connects High Town to Low Town, closed temporarily in December 2022.

Initially the problem was only expected to involve 7.5 metres of a retaining wall, but the extent of the problem soon became clear as Bridgnorth Town Council said repair work had been expanded to cover 65.5 metres.

Work to ensure the wall was safe for the railway to continue operating was delayed as discussions went on to establish who was responsible.

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway in May last year as work continued