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South Shropshire MP seeks to put pressure on council over potholes

A South Shropshire MP says he has contacted Shropshire Council himself to highlight the issue of potholes in the area.

A pot hole that punctured Kenneth Addison's tyres

Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow, said he has contacted the council after floods and cold weather have taken their toll on the county's roads following the news the authority has been given more than £5 million for pothole repairs.

The Government announced earlier this year that Shropshire Council will receive an additional £5.2 million to help fix potholes, on top of the current baseline funding from government per year of £20.5m.

Mr Dunne said: "Unfortunately many of South Shropshire's roads have suffered from the recent cold weather and flooding, which is why it was welcome Shropshire Council received confirmation of an additional £5.2m for pothole repairs from government just before Christmas.

"This is one reason I launched jointly a survey recently for constituents to report particular problem potholes.

"I have been in touch with Shropshire Council on behalf of many constituents to help highlight problem areas and ensure they are added to the programme of repairs."

Mr Dunne's action comes after South Shropshire motorist Kenneth Addison lost three tyres over the weekend due to potholes on the Bridgnorth to Broseley Road.

Philip Dunne has posted his pothole survey at