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Watch: Homeowner films amazing scenes of attack helicopter flying low over their rural house

An Army attack helicopter has been causing some excitement after being spotted circling around a town – and one Shropshire couple say the military machine is not an unusual sight above their country home.

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One of the helicopters spotted over Bridgnorth on Tuesday. Photo: Katie Forbes

Residents in and around Bridgnorth took to social media after seeing an unusual Army Apache helicopter buzzing overhead at around 4.30pm on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for RAF Shawbury said the chopper was likely from Wattisham and Middle Wallop and flown by the British Army Air Corps as part of a routine training flight.

But the sight of military machines overhead is a common one for one Shropshire couple near Chelmarsh, whose home is regularly buzzed by army helicopters including Apache gunships, Airbus 135 ‘Juno’, Chinooks and Wildcat helicopters.