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European 'twins' drop into Bridgnorth to plan future events

European visitors have been to Bridgnorth to discuss future events as part of a twinning agreement.

Delegates from Bridgnorth, Thiers and Schrobenhausen in Bridgnorth earlier this month

The Shropshire market town was twinned Thiers in France in 1978 and Schrobenhausen in Germany in 1992.

Earlier this month the Bridgnorth Twinning Committee welcomed representatives from Thiers and Schrobenhausen for the annual planning meeting to prepare for next years activities.

Mayor of Thiers Stephane Rodier, Isabelle Furegon (Deputy Mayor) and Rene Chalencon (President) were joined by Chairman of Schrobenhausen Hartmut Seigl, Karola Gruschwitz (Secretary) and Helmut Eikam (committee member).

Fran Spicer of Bridgnorth Twinning Committee said: "It was a very successful meeting with very positive discussions regarding the future of our tripartite twinning, with lots of exciting ideas.

"We are hoping to promote twinning through the involvement of local sports clubs, schools and other local groups."

She added that the meeting confirmed that their next gathering will take place in Thiers over the weekend of July 5-8, 2024 where the group hopes to join in the town's Pamparina music festival.

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