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Bridgnorth's new mayor goes back to her roots for coronation picnic

The new mayor of Bridgnorth returned to the school where she was once a pupil and used to work, to conduct her very first official duty.

Coronation picnic at St Leonards Primary School with new mayor Rachel Connolly, head Kay Ferriday and youngsters Sophie Holland, 7, Evelyn Cheek, 7, and Alyssia Jasper, 6

Rachel Connolly became mayor of the town council in Bridgnorth on Tuesday this week, taking over from Karen Sawbridge.

To start her year in office, the new mayor was invited to attend St Leonard’s Primary School in Innage Lane on Thursday afternoon, which was holding its annual Family Picnic - held this year to mark the coronation.

Councillor Connolly not only went to St Leonard's herself and sent her own children there, but also she used to work at the school, assisting with school dinner money collections.

The event between 12pm and 2pm on Thursday saw a "sea of red white and blue" as the children of St Leonards all dressed the colours of the union flag to mark the occasion.

New mayor Rachel Connolly, head Kay Ferriday and youngsters Mikey Robinson, 5, and George Davies, 6

Headteacher Kay Ferriday said: "The weather was amazing, and it was lovely to have Rachel as Mayor to open the event for us. It was more special as Rachel’s children used to attend our school and she worked here for a while too.

"Also, it was my last Family Picnic at the school as I retire at the end of this term. This will be another wonderful memory for me."

She added that the school put on the picnic to mark the "momentous occasion" of the coronation.

"It was fabulous to see all the families who came to support this event. The field was a sea of red, white and blue," said Kay.

"Our PTA – Friends of St Leonard’s – served drinks and snacks and they also provided a Bubble Blower to entertain the children. He visited different parts of the field so all got a chance to see him. The children had a super time and were so very well behaved - lots of happy faces."

Attending her first official engagement as Mayor of Bridgnorth, Councillor Connolly said: "My children attended this school as did I many years ago. So I am very pleased to be able to attend this event."