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Animal charity warns that littering can kill

Shropshire's RSPCA has appealed who those to throw litter to think about the harm it can do to animals.

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Gizmo is looking for his forever home

On average, the RSPCA receives 10 calls a day about animals affected by litter, with the number spiking in the summer months.

However the actual figure is higher, as injured animals are not always found.

RSPCA Shropshire trustee Anne Wignall said: “Everyday objects that seem perfectly safe can become hazardous when animals come into close contact with them. By binning our rubbish safely instead of littering, we're making choices that could save many lives. Protecting animals from harmful rubbish is easy. Dispose of your rubbish responsibly by recycling, reusing or simply putting it in the bin.”

She said animals could climb inside plastic bags and suffocate, or attempt to eat them and choke.

"Simply tying a knot in the top of plastic bags before recycling can help prevent deaths. Animals can also get entangled in can holders and suffer deep wounds or even choke. Always cut the loops before recycling."

The RSPCA says balloons and discarded decorations are a choking hazard, as some animals may try to eat them.

"Even biodegradable balloons could still take weeks to degrade. Remember it only takes a second or two for an animal to swallow a balloon fragment. Always deflate balloons and cut them up before putting them safely into your bin.

"Sky lanterns/Chinese lanterns can seriously injure animals if eaten, or become entangled or trapped by them. Jam jar lights or blowing bubbles are environmentally-friendly alternatives."

"Animals looking for food can get trapped in cans or injured by sharp edges while elastic bands seem harmless but can wrap around small animals and the beaks of birds. If swallowed, they can also cause choking. Re-use bands where possible, or cut them open before putting them in the bin."

The RSPCA Shropshire branch is currently looking for forever homes for several cats.


Jack is a 15-week-old kitten. He is very nervous and would be best with older children as young children might startle him.

He could be rehomed with his mother Phoebe.


Phoebe is a two-year-old mum. Sadly, her owner died and she is looking for a new loving home. She can be a bit hissy but would settle in a stable home. She can be rehomed with or without Jack.

Gizmo has been at the cattery for a long time and has appeared in this column before. He just wants someone to love him and make him feel special. He is 4 years old and is a friendly cat. He is on a urinary diet.

Anyone wishing to meet the cats should contact the RSPCA Shropshire Branch at: or 07703 567 935.

All cats rehomed from the RSPCA Shropshire Branch are blood tested for FELV/FIV, vaccinated, neutered, wormed and defleaed. The adoption fee is £75.

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