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And he's off! Stuart sets off on his 3,000-mile moped mission from Bridgnorth to Ukraine

One man’s mad moped mission from Bridgnorth to the Ukraine border has begun.

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Stuart Bratt is riding his moped from Bridgnorth to take humanitarian aid to Ukraine via Poland

Stuart Bratt, from Highley, set off on a 3,000-mile journey to the Polish/Ukraine border to mark one year since the Russian invasion on Friday.

But it won’t be easy, Stuart is riding a 39-year-old C90 Honda 90cc scooter he has named Hope, and can’t go on a single motorway.

The 58-year-old set off from Bridgnorth town hall at noon and is hoping to reach Harwich by 11pm, to catch a ferry to the Hook of Holland.

From there, he will cross the Netherlands, Germany and Poland to reach a Red Cross Logistics Centre in Lublin, around 65 miles from the Ukraine border. As well as raising money for the Red Cross, Stuart is aiming to bring hope to the people of Ukraine.

Stuart explained: “What I’m trying to show to the people of Ukraine is that we’re still thinking about them and rooting for them. But the main purpose is to show UK citizens that Ukraine isn’t on the other side of the world.

“Even on my tiny bike, avoiding motorways and at a top speed of 35 miles an hour. I think people will be shocked how quickly I will get there.”

Stuart predicts the 3,000-mile round journey will take him just 10 days.

Just three days before his journey began, Stuart had only ridden the bike six miles down the road.

He said: “I only bought it last week – I only had my first ride on it on Monday! I’m planning 3,000 miles and I’ve only ridden it six to Highley.”

Stuart’s mission is still open for donations and to keep an eye on his journey visit

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