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Can you see it? Mysterious face spotted at the entrance to a tunnel dug under Bridgnorth Castle

A mysterious face has been spotted at the entrance to a tunnel dug into the sandstone cliffs under Bridgnorth Castle.

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Lavington's Hole, Bridgnorth, where keen photographer Joel Rouse, spotted a face in the rock

Lavington's Hole in Bridgnorth appears to have a stone guardian, watching over the entrance to the sandstone tunnel.

Lavington's Hole was formally the entrance to a 69 foot tunnel that ran under Castle Hill.

In March 1646, Bridgnorth was under siege from Parliamentary forces, with Royalists forced to retreat to Bridgnorth castle.

The tunnel was part of a plot devised by Parliamentarian, Colonel Lavington to blow up St Mary's Church where Royalists were storing their gunpowder. It was never completed, as Royalists surrendered in April that year.

Entrance to the tunnel is no longer permitted, but can be found on Underhill Street (the B4363) a short stroll south of Bridgnorth Bridge.

The mysterious face spotted at the entrance to Lavington's Hole. Photo: Joel Rouse

The opening is 14 feet across, 18 feet deep, and 19 feet high with the tunnel extending 69 feet from the opening.

Photographer, Joel Rouse, spotted the face while snapping some pictures for his travel blog.

He said: "I've been doing some bits and pieces about local areas and had come to do one on Bridgnorth. I knew I wanted to take some photos of Lavington's Hole, then I saw it. I thought it was one of those interesting things that people love."

Joel, originally from Leeds and now living is Shropshire, is employed as a photographer for the Royal Navy.

During his time in the service, worked at Downing Street as the Official Photographer to the Prime Minister, covered anti-piracy and counter-narcotics in the Gulf and humanitarian aid efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean.

When he's not spotting faces in rocks, he runs a travel blog with his wife, Stacey: