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Man freed from overturned car praises 'second to none' emergency services

A man has praised the emergency services saying they were "second to none" after being rescued from a car which overturned.

Police attended the collision on Teddesley Road, near Penkridge. Photo: South Staffs Police

David Brocklesby was a passenger in a red Vauxhall car which was involved in a collision with a black Peugeot 107 on Teddesley Road, near Penkridge.

The crash led to the red vehicle overturning and ending up on its roof with Mr Brocklesby being trapped inside the car until the emergency services arrived.

The incident happened on Monday at around 8.45am with the Vauxhall's driver, a woman in her 60s, and the 82-year-old both being taken to hospital.

Mr Brocklesby, who owns Midlands Cryogenics Limited in Wolverhampton, said: "The vehicle I was in collided with another car coming out of a side road, the car (I was in) spun upside down and I was trapped in the vehicle.

"The first people to arrive were the police and I have to say the police lady, whilst I was upside down, she didn't move and kept talking to me which was very comforting. Then the ambulance arrived and then we had the fire brigade. They had to cut me out of the vehicle – I was trapped for around an hour and a quarter, or perhaps a bit more."

And the 82-year-old, who had three or four broken or cracked ribs and possibly some spinal injuries due to hanging upside down, was full of praise for West Midlands Ambulance Service, Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service and Staffordshire Police for their help.

"The police were very, very good, the ambulance (crews) stayed with me as well the whole time, and the fire brigade were very very good too – it was a well-oiled team, they worked well and had to cut the back off the car off to free me and I was then taken to New Cross Hospital," he said.

"I'm extremely grateful to them – I couldn't move and the lady was talking to me the whole time to reassure me. I had three or four cracked broken or cracked ribs and maybe some spinal injuries, but I was hanging upside down which isn't the best thing to do on a Monday morning.

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' to all three emergency services – they were second to none."