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Bridgnorth bridge repairs yet to be confirmed and 'would take months'

Mooted repairs to a Shropshire road bridge would take 'months' according to Shropshire Council.

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A hole in one of the sandstone blocks on the bridge parapet. Picture: supplied

The bridge over the Severn in Bridgnorth is in need of repairs, and it is understood that the road is due to be resurfaced early next year.

However, Shropshire Council has not yet allocated capital funding for any more major remedial work like the bridge requires.

Gurnek Singh, Shropshire Council’s engineering services and bridges manager, said: “No bridge capital funding has been formally allocated for the proposed bridge repairs at present.

“Shropshire Council’s highways staff and the bridges manager had a meeting with local Shropshire councillors to discuss the potential impact of our aspirational forward programme of works planned for 2022/23 and beyond. The works’ priority, timing, durations, traffic disruption together with possible phasing of the works and likely budgets have yet to be confirmed.

“The planned works to strengthen and maintain the bridge would cause the most disruption to road users and the local community, tourism and businesses and would take months, not weeks, to complete.

“Shropshire Council’s officers will continue to consult with local Shropshire councillors, Bridgnorth Town Council and all key stakeholders to ensure all essential maintenance works are carried out with minimal disruption and delays to all concerned.”

One resident brought the state of the bridge to public attention on social media just this week, posting a picture of a hole in the stonework next to the pavement on the downstream side of the bridge.

Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts Councillor Christian Lea said: "Last week, I attended a meeting with Shropshire Council Highways staff and their bridge engineer to do with the main bridge in town.

"Many local residents have commented recently about the poor state of repair of the footpaths on the bridge and the road surface is showing signs of deterioration. Shropshire Council are planning a major overhaul of the whole bridge, with works planned to be undertaken sometime in the next financial year, providing the necessary funding is in place.

"This is very much welcome investment in Bridgnorth by Shropshire Council. As well as resurfacing the pavements and carriageway, the council will be looking to replace the sandstone parapets which are extremely weathered as well as the railings on either side. The pedestrian crossing by the clock tower will also be upgraded, similar to the pedestrian crossing which is currently being upgraded near the Quayside.

"With this major overhaul, works will obviously take a few weeks to complete and Shropshire Council are keen to cause as little disruption and inconvenience to local businesses and residents as possible."