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Greenfields community rooms reopen

A Shropshire retirement complex has celebrated the reopening of its communal spaces after the pandemic.

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Residents of Greenfields Court in Bridgnorth had not been able to use the Community Rooms in the complex for the past 18 months due to Covid-19. They got together last Friday for the first time since the pandemic began. In a day of celebration the residents were able to gather again, and raise some money - roughly £250 - for the British Lung Foundation.

Volunteer organiser Steve Martin said: "It was very good, we had a good day and had a good turnout. Effectively over the last 18 months the Community Rooms have been a no-go area.

"The day was firstly to mark the fact that they are back open again, and also to raise a bit of money for the home. We've raised around £250 I think which we are quite proud of."

The Community Rooms in Greenfields are where residents can gather and engage in activities together. With them reopened the residents are happier.

"When they were closed I think people were quite downheartened," Steve added.

"It has already helped a lot having them back open again. It was pretty great to see people gathered and singing and dancing again."

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