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Strong start for new Bridgnorth coffee firm

A Bridgnorth company is shaking off the onset of winter blues with its double strength coffee.

Simon Lucas of Very Strong Coffee

Very Strong Coffee, owned by Simon Lucas and James Hilton, has marked the launch of a unique brew.

Steaming cups of hot coffee were handed out to people in an attempt to give residents a kick-start to their day.

The launch also included a video that has been shot around the market town, showcasing some of its best-loved landmarks.

Simon and James met while working for Virgin Lightships, travelling all over the world.

"I was ground crew and James was crew chief," explains Simon.

"We had great fun as it seemed like the golden age for airships. One of my favourite places was probably Brazil but we also did a lot of work in Europe.

"It's a fairly nomadic lifestyle so definitely one for when you're young."

Very Strong Coffee is brewed from 100 per cent robusta coffee beans which have a naturally-high caffeine content. The beans are roasted for longer than normal, giving a much darker, stronger coffee.

All of Very Strong Coffee's robusta comes from Vietnam.

"We have worked with the same supplier for a couple of years and we know that our business is having an impact on the co-operative of people who work there," explained Simon.

He added: "Naturally we want to do everything we can to support them properly, including paying a fair price.

"Once the beans are back in the UK, they're roasted and then packed ready for sale in Bridgnorth.

"We roast our coffee for a little bit longer than most. It's more finely ground so it has a larger surface area when the hot water hits it.

"I'd much rather have one cup of our coffee than three or four weak ones. It's definitely one to get you going first thing."