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Scary footage shows moment pedestrian runs out into road as fire engine approaches

Shocking video has been shared of the moment a pedestrian sprinted into a busy road just as a fire engine was approaching.

The pedestrian ran out in front of the fire engine in West Bromwich. Photo: West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service has shared the scary clip on social media in a bid to urge people to think twice before trying to cross the street in front of its vehicles.

In the dashcam footage, which was filmed on All Saints Way, West Bromwich, the fire engine is approaching a pedestrian crossing on the dual carriageway when someone running across the two lanes for traffic heading in the other direction.

However, they do not stop as they reach the central reservation, next to a pedestrian crossing where a dog walker is waiting for the lights to change, and sprint out in front of the fire engine.

In the post, a West Midlands Fire Service spokesperson said: "Our fire engines weigh a lot more than you.

"PLEASE don't run in front of them when they're on the move - whether or not the sirens and blue lights are on.

"This young person had a very lucky escape."

In response, one person said: "It is astonishing to see how far some individuals will go to arrive at a destination just one second earlier, even if it means that they may never reach it."