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Watch as doorbell camera catches man from passing car kicking nine-year-old girl's snowman into pieces

A Dudley family were left gobsmacked by footage from their doorbell camera.

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Footage captured the man kicking down the Dudley family's snowman

When they looked out to see their large and lovingly-made front garden snowman had suddenly disappeared on Saturday – the family rushed to check what had happened.

And when they watched the footage, they could barely believe their eyes. The snowman hadn't just melted, it had been kicked into pieces by a passerby from a car.

Footage taken from the doorbell camera
Footage taken from the doorbell camera

The Ring doorbell camera captured what appeared to be a grown man get out of a car, walk across the road and high-kick the snowman into pieces.

The mum of the family, who live on The Broadway in Dudley and did not wish to be named, said: "I am so angry. The three of us made this snowman but it was mainly my nine-year-old daughter who is now really upset that someone could this.

"We wanted to see how long our snowman would last. We want to find out who did this. I can't believe he actually got someone to stop the car and cross the road and everything. We know it's only a snowman that would have melted anyway but it's just so mean to be so horrible and do something like that when a child has made it and felt proud of it."