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Shropshire coronavirus: Who is supporting your community and how you can help

Find out what your community is doing to support those affected by coronavirus and how you can help.

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Let us know how your community is helping each other

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, communities across Shropshire and Mid Wales have rallied together to support their neighbours in need.

Offers of help have poured in on social media amid fears for the frail and elderly, who are at greatest risk of serious illness from Covid-19.

We want to help spread the word about the support available in your area.

How to contact us:

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  • Twitter direct message: @ShropshireStar

  • Call: 01952 319485

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page

  • If any of the information below needs changing or removing please let us know

This page will be updated daily with details of the individuals, groups and businesses offering help across the region.

From neighbours helping with errands to organised Facebook groups and shops offering free delivery, we're here to promote the Good Samaritans.

Get in touch via email, social media or the online form below and we will add your information to the listings below.

In line with groups on Facebook, we're also providing forms that you can cut out, fill in and pop through the letterbox of elderly neighbours.

It allows you to offer your help to run errands or simply be a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

Scroll down to see what's happening in your area. This page will be regularly updated.


Ancestry Library

Shropshire Council has made its Ancestry Library and Find My Past services free to use at home for members.

The two family research resources are normally only accessible for free from the council's library branches but for a limited time, library members can access them at home.

Members can visit and log in using their details.

Becoming a member is free and can also be done online.

Lezley Picton, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for culture, leisure, waste and communications said: “Shropshire Libraries are working closely with partner organisations to expand their online services.

"It’s great to see companies pulling together to keep people motivated and making free access from home to otherwise paid-for online historical research materials.

"More resources will become available on the Shropshire Libraries website in coming days.”

The Shropshire Libraries website has been updated. To learn more about the services available, visit


Ben Robinson from the Midcounties Coop said: "Midcounties Cooperative are reaching out to community groups to help deliver essential goods to vulnerable people from our local stores.

"If this is something that you or your linked community groups can help us with, please call us on 0800 435 902 to confirm your interest, or email us on"

County-wide Facebook group

An online community has been established to collate groups across Shropshire and to share information both for those who need help getting supplies and those who are volunteering to help.

The Shropshire Covid-19 Mutual Support Network can be found here and includes a link for groups all across the county.

Administrator Chris Vandyke, of the Corvedale, said: "Admins of all of the Shropshire groups are invited to join and become an admin of this group so that it is a shared open resource connected to all of the local groups that are rapidly being created.

"Making specific offers or requests relating to delivery of food or urgent medical supplies may be more appropriate in the group most local to you; but the hope is having a shared page will prevent anyone from falling through the cracks and to allow longer range offers and requests to be made.

"Please share any offers of online activities or services, or other important relevant local information.

"If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please send a message."

Sewing for the NHS Shropshire

A group has been set up for people who can sew equipment for health workers in Shropshire.

Sewing for the NHS Shropshire was set up by Amanda Lowe, who is coordinating with the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital trust.

Its description said: "Can you sew? Have you got machines at home? Are you at home isolating?

"Then you could help the NHS shortage of scr

ubs, hats, wash bags and such.

"Are you NHS and in need of anything that we could make? Please also get in touch.

"Please message me with the first part of your postcode, and what you can make and I'll add you to the list.

"The object of the group is to keep the co-ordination of all the makes to a drop off point, we must ensure we keep to the two metre social distancing rule.

"I have people working at the hospitals who will be used to drop off unless. The hospitals don't want to be inundated with us dropping off either. Everyone so far is so grateful, it's a pleasure to be able to help.

"An email has gone to the relevant department and then will be passed on to all departments through the hospitals at Shrewsbury and PRH.

"We have to wait to be told who and where needs what.

"We must be responsible and always remember that all of our safety is paramount."

Find the group on Facebook.

Shropshire Cat Network

A woman who runs a cattery has scrapped her fees and will offer a 'pay what you can' service for cat owners during the crisis.

Samantha Davis of Oswestry runs the Gyrn Cottage Cattery and has established the Shropshire Cat Network.

She said: "It is a community resource for vulnerable people and their cats.

"The idea is:

  • To help vulnerable cat owners who live alone and are worried about what will happen to their cats in an emergency situation if they have no one to help.

  • To help people who, due to this crisis may be laid off work or unemployed, are worried about feeding their cats.

  • To help support the local rescue centres who are struggling financially due to restrictions in fundraising.

"This network initiative hopes to get catteries, vets, pet shops / supermarkets, food banks, rescue centres and volunteers working together in their local areas.

"I am hoping that we can link up with all the other volunteer groups in Shropshire and work together to help."

To learn more about the network, visit or call 01691 655442.

Virtual Music Festival

Mike Smith, a town councillor in Market Drayton and event organiser, has started an online directory for musicians who are streaming their gigs to entertain people who are stuck at home.

Find the group on Facebook at Virtual Music Festival (COVID-19).

Support for the deaf

Visual Interpreting and Communication Service Shropshire (VISS) is the sign language interpreting service for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

A statement said: "We have been supporting and working with the deaf community for over 25 years and since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. We have been busy ensuring that deaf people who use sign language are not at a disadvantage and are able to keep safe during this difficult and worrying time.

"As soon as the lockdown occurred, VISS staff have been in regular contact with local deaf people to make sure that they are okay in themselves and whether they require anything, this is particularly important for the more vulnerable and isolated individuals.

"In 'pre-Covid' times we have always been the only fully accessible first point of call for sign language users and their relatives for a range of queries and this part of our service has proven invaluable and well-used since the outbreak.

"The types of support our interpreting staff have been doing includes translating web/paper based information into sign language, finding answers to specific Covid-related queries, liaising with GP practices to arrange medication ordering/delivery and generally being there so that deaf people have somebody to run things by in their language.

"Similarly, we share official Covid-19 information videos in sign language on our social media platforms and produce our own if a particular issue is pertinent to the community."

To contact VISS, call 01743 250850 or email


Acton Burnell

There is an online community in Acton Burnell, a village south of Shrewsbury, to support the residents of Acton Burnell, Pitchford, Frodesley, Ruckley and Langley to share information, news and to keep in touch with each other.

Find the group here or email moderator Paul Harrison at

Astley parish

There is now a support group for Astley, a parish north of Shrewsbury, to keep people connected and supplied.

A post on social media said: "This group has been set up to help those most in need, without their own networks, be they friends or family, within Astley parish during this crisis, particularly with shopping."

Find the group here.


Essential supplies are being offered to those who are self-isolating in the Bagley ward (Greenfields, Heath Farm and Herongate).

The Bagley Residents CV19 Support Group is asking those who need assistance to get in touch. It is also looking for volunteers to help out.

Councillor Alex Phillips said: "We are helping get essential supplies to any residents who are self-isloating and are unable to leave their homes during the current coronavirus outbreak.

"Please get in touch if you or anybody needs help and also if you would like to volunteer and help out."

Those who wish to get in touch can email or call 07957 468782.

Battlefield Support Group

The Battlefield support group has been set up to help residents in that part of Shrewsbury and are looking for new volunteers to get involved.

Councillors Dean Carroll and Becky Wall have set up the support network in order to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

They said: "We are here to help local residents and always need more volunteers who are ready and able to help."

To get in touch with Councillor Carroll call 07979 966339 or email

Councillor Wall can be reached on 07583 120863 or via

Bayston Hill

Jo Marsh, from Bayston Hill, said: "I set up the Facebook page ‘Bayston Hill Community’ which is now a subsection of the Covid-19 Mutual Aid group. Already, we have over 60 volunteers ready to collect/deliver essentials, walk dogs and/or offer phone calls to those who are self-isolating.

"With almost 500 people in total engaged with the group we have the capacity to effect real change here in Bayston Hill.

"We have now also linked up to the local shops and churches to provide delivery services and pastoral care.

"Within our volunteers we have several teachers, two members of St John Ambulance (one is me) and even a serving police officer.

"We are taking GDPR and safe-guarding very seriously and will be taking careful steps to ensure no one is able to take advantage of our vulnerable residents."

Belle Vue and Coleham

The Belle Vue and Coleham Community Action Group has prepared a list of dozens of Shrewsbury restaurants, cafes and shops that are offering delivery services to those who are isolated.

They include independent eateries, national chain supermarkets and even some pubs.

To see the full list, which includes contact details, visit

Cafe Saffron

A Shrewsbury curry house is delivering free meals to the over-70s during the lockdown.

Cafe Saffron is now open from Wednesday to Sunday for takeaways and deliveries only, with orders being taken online on the Zoom app.

The restaurant also delivers curries to the elderly twice a week and wants to hear about any isolated people who are running low on food.

To share information or volunteer as a delivery driver, contact Cafe Saffron on 01743 246753 or 01743 246757.

Cavendish Cleaning

Shrewsbury-based Cavendish Cleaning is offering free steam cleaning of kitchen and door handles for the over-65s.

Coronavirus Castlefields and Ditherington Support Team

Alan Mosley with Lynn Gore, Anita Castree and Kate Garner in Castlefields

More than 50 people have come forward to be part of a group set up to help and support elderly and vulnerable people affected by social isolation.

Shrewsbury Town and Shropshire councillor Alan Mosley, who represents Castlefields in Shrewsbury, said the number of people wanting to help was a demonstration of the community spirit.

The group will be called the Coronavirus Castlefields and Ditherington Support Team and will help people with shopping, prescriptions and providing company and conversation through Skype and over the telephone.

Councillor Mosley said he had floated the idea on Facebook a few days ago and had followed up by sending a message to those in his email contacts book.

He said: “I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response and it is typical of the community support that exists in this area and no doubt in other parts of the town.

“People are concerned and want to help their neighbours in times of need – and this is clearly going to be and emergency situation for many people and others want to help support and share the hardship they may be in.”

Anyone needing help can contact Councillor Mosley on 01743 231834 or 07967 657028, or by email at

Councillor Kevin Pardy

Councillor Pardy said: "I've organised a support group for Sundorne and Old Heath areas. Those requiring support please contact me on 01743 242350 or 07891 075318, or at"

Daniel Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins of Shrewsbury said: "In light of recent events I would like to volunteer in any capacity within the local community... to help vulnerable people with shopping items, essentials such as medication et cetera."

Call 07368 342832.

The Dog & Pheasant

A Shrewsbury pub has started an impromptu food bank and staff have offered to collect shopping for the isolated.

The Dog & Pheasant in Severn Street is appealing for donations to buy emergency supplies, after putting £180 that was initially raised for flood victims towards ration boxes for the needy.

The pub said on social media: "Anyone need anything/help, shopping et cetera, please don’t hesitate to contact the pub.

"Myself, staff and many customers are here to help, stay safe and take care."

Call 01743 588705 to enquire.

Florence Roberts, Bomere Heath

Florence Roberts of Bomere Heath, north of Shrewsbury, is offering help to anyone who needs it.

Contact her on 07506 525973.

Frankwell Community Group

A community group in Frankwell, Shrewsbury is reaching out to the elderly and vulnerable, fetching shopping, meals and medication.

If you're in the area and you need help or want to offer a spare pair of hands, call Zoe Glynn on 01743 248914 or email

Longden Mutual Aid

An online community has been established to try and help anyone who needs assistance in Longden, near Shrewsbury.

The group's description said it is: "A group set up for residents of Longden, Shropshire to both offer and request help throughout this difficult and unprecedented time."

Administrators have also provided a template for mutual aid forms to distribute.

Find the group on Facebook.

Mark Donnelly

A former fireman from Shrewsbury is volunteering to run errands or simply offer a listening ear.

Mark Donnelly said: "I want to offer my help to anyone who needs it. I am a semi-retired ex-fireman and have lots of free time to help in lots of ways.

"Errands, shopping, housework, DIY, looking after animals or simply a friendly ear.

Call 07814 821673 or email


A Shrewsbury company will make 5,000 face visors available from next week for those who need it.

Steve Maxim from Maxpack said: "We've heard that there is a serious shortage of personal protective equipment in the NHS, at care homes and similar places.

"We have approximately 5,000 protective face visors available from next week.

"If anyone is interested they can email me on"


In Montford, near Shrewsbury, parish councillors have set up a 'parish watch' system to support vulnerable residents in self isolation. The parish council is expanding its 'watchers list', so that vulnerable people know who’s willing to help them and how they can be contacted.

Many of their 20 watch area leaders have set up their own WhatsApp groups or are using existing groups to keep residents up to date.

Meanwhile, Montford Parish Council is encouraging parishioners to contact the parish office if they have any ideas for pandemic support measures, or if they themselves need support.

Visit, email or call 01743 850504.

Mutual Aid

The Shrewsbury group has more than 3,000 members.

Its description said: "As the coronavirus walks steadily through Shropshire, I hope we can support our neighbours.

"When you hear of a neighbour who has to go into isolation, post the attached leaflet, with your contact details on, offering to collect much needed resources for them. Let's join together and support each other, showing how Proud Salopians do it!" You can request to join the group here.

The Old Meadow

A self-help WhatsApp group has united residents on a Shrewsbury housing development.

It has been created by residents at The Old Meadow, which was formerly Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s Gay Meadow ground and now has 179 separate residences.

Already more than 60 households are linked together to offer support to one another – with more joining up every day.

The support offered ranges from help with shopping and collecting prescriptions to making phone calls to residents who are on their own.

And another group has been set up so residents can share funny stories and videos.

The idea of setting up a WhatsApp group arose from the collective views of the directors of the residents’ management company.

John Yeoman, one of the directors and chair of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club’s community and vocational committee, said: “Our project started off with a simple flyer distributed by a team to all our households with email and phone number contacts.

“We are now in week two of the WhatsApp group.

"It is great to see the flow of offers of help and the developing community spirit.

“The project has brought together the young and the old in a most positive way and an interesting off shoot is people starting to post humorous videos and jokes through the group.

“Conscious of wanting to keep the humour apart from the serious side of things, we have created a separate group called TOM’s – The Old Meadow – Giggles.

“Tom’s Giggles is proving a real hit with dozens of funny stories and video clips being shared and helping to keep people smiling, though separating the funny from the serious side was important.”

He added: “As we are looking at a couple of months of lockdown, I suspect these little community groups are going to provide an important lifeline to our most vulnerable residents.

“Even if we are not able to go out and do the shopping we can readily get involved in our communities and do our bit.

"A phone call to someone on their own can make a lot of difference.”


Omega, a charity for end of life care based in Shrewsbury, is aiming to keep people talking during the crisis.

It has had an influx of people volunteering for its pen pal and telephone friend services that help the elderly and isolated.

Community fundraiser Claire Purcell said: "We are actively recruiting volunteer telephone befrienders to help out with our Chatterbox programme which is growing every day.

"We have had more people apply to volunteer over the last few days than we have had apply in the last six months. The support from the town is astonishing.

"We are adapting our ways to be able to expand with the need so training is being done via Skype and we are relying heavily on social media to keep in touch.

"We have written to care homes in the area to offer our Letter from Louise programme as we have trained befrienders ready to go for this service.

"At a time when people are having to isolate we are probably at our most needed."

To contact Omega and learn more, email or call 01743 245088.


Sharon Davies has set up a neighbourhood volunteers group in Pontesbury.

There are currently more than 50 volunteers who, co-ordinated by Sharon, are helping with shopping and medical deliveries to vulnerable people in the community.

Sharon has also set up the Pontesbury Food Bank and raised £185 with more than £500 donated by some very generous local people and businesses, allowing Sharon and her team to make up parcels of food, toiletries, nappies and formula for families.

There have also been very generous donations from local farmers, providing eggs for distribution amongst the community.

The volunteer group has also donated money themselves, to send supplies to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with drinks and snacks shared out amongst staff and patients.

Contact Sharon Davies on 07940 988951 to volunteer to deliver shopping and prescriptions locally.

Updates are posted on the Pontesbury Facebook group, ‘Pontesbury and surrounding villages past and present’.


Julia Evans is involved with a Mutual Aid group for the Radbrook community.

Find the Radbrook group here.

Reabrook & Sutton Park Mutual Aid Group

The Reabrook & Sutton Park Mutual Aid Group includes Shrewsbury's mayor, Phil Gillam, and can direct those in need of support to helpful services.

Find the group here, or contact Councillor Gillam on or 07527 054143.

Robson's Stores

Robson's Stores on Ellesmere Road in Greenfields, Shrewsbury, is offering a free local delivery service for the elderly and vulnerable.

"In light of the current coronavirus situation, we here at Robson’s Stores Greenfields are taking every precaution to protect the health & wellbeing of all customers and staff.

"For those elderly and vulnerable members of our community, who are concerned about visiting the store, we are offering a free delivery service to the local area."

Sally White

Sally White lives in Greenfields, in Shrewsbury, and said she wants to help in any way she can.

She said: "I am available to help anyone with shopping, prescriptions, trips to surgeries et cetera.

"I live in Greenfields but am happy to help anywhere in Shrewsbury or surrounding rural areas.

"I have a car and am currently healthy."

Contact her by emailing

Shirley Barre, Castlefields

Shirley Barre lives in the Castlefields area and is offering shopping and prescription delivery.

Contact her on 07760 490304 or

Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury Abbey is offering to help anyone who is self-isolating.

It has shared a message on its Facebook page, saying: “We can help with company, if you need supplies – we can arrange, if there’s anything we can do help you at this difficult time we are here for you.”

Call 01743 232723 from 9.30am to 12.30pm, email or, or visit

Shrewsbury Cathedral

Richard Keddie of Shrewsbury Cathedral said that in an emergency, a priest will be able to visit the sick.

He said: "We assure you that should any of you fall sick or need a priest in an emergency you may call 07923 326820 and a priest should be with you.

"Should you be admitted to hospital, please simply ask that the nurse or staff member ask the switchboard to page the on-call Catholic priest.

"Public masses cannot take presently place, but using the online live-streaming that the cathedral can offer, a whole daily programme of prayer and devotions is made available at"

Zoë Glynn, Frankwell

Zoë Glynn of Frankwell has been fetching shopping, meals, paracetamol, coffee and more for neighbours.

Anyone who needs support in the area can ring 01743 248914.

Hanwood Village Hall

The committee team at Hanwood Village Hall is offering help for anyone in the local community who needs help with errands or collecting shopping.

Anyone in need of support in the Hanwood area should message the team on Facebook at @hanwoodvillagehall or by calling Will Hanmer on 07890802548 or Fred Palmer on 07866460875.

Ruyton XI Towns Friendly Help

Ruyton XI Towns Friendly Help has set up a freephone helpline number in association with the parish council.

Anyone who is self-isolating due to Covid-19 and needs help with shopping, posting mail or receiving supplies can call the number and one of the community team will do their best to help.

Anyone in the area should call 0800 014 6711.


Admaston Neighbours

A WhatsApp group has been set up in Admaston for volunteers and those who need assistance to communicate.

Contact Graham Hill on 07718 695389 to learn more.

Alison's Bee Class

Alison Wakeman of Alison's Bee Class will be sharing bee-themed worksheets for mini 'bee detectives' to take part in while they're away from school.

The sheets will be free of charge and are available from her Facebook page.

She said: "Due to the overwhelming, heart-warming response I received for my offer to keep your 'colony' buzzing about bees and the environment during these exceptional times, I will suggest each task as a 'common' theme then include Year group variations for a possible outcome.

"All the work I will suggest is 100 per cent free of charge – I just miss my job so much. All I would ask from any of you participating is to please share photos of any work produced, to help make us all smile."

Andy Duckworth, Ironbridge

Andy Duckworth of Ironbridge has volunteered to help collect and deliver shopping.

To contact him, use 07864 085132 or

Apley Farm Shop

Apley Farm Shop, in Norton, has changed its opening hours to between 9.30am and 4pm while introducing half an hour of shopping time for NHS and key workers from 9am.

The shop, which is open and has set up social distancing queuing measures, will deliver to Norton, Shifnal, Stockton, Sutton Maddock, Ryton/Beckbury and Kemberton on Tuesdays; Worfield, Bromley, Harrington and Badger on Wednesdays; Bridgnorth on Thursdays; and postcodes in TF1, TF2, TF3, TF4, TF7 and TF8 on Fridays.

There is also now a drive-through order collection service. Email or call the shop on 01952 581002, option 4.

A member of the team will call the customer on the morning of their collection, update them on stock availability, any substitutions and additions to their delivery, take payment and confirm their collection slot.

Customers are asked to call the shop when they arrive for a member of staff to run the delivery out to their car.

Due to high demand, customers are asked to allow 48 to 72 hours minimum from placing their order to collection.

A statement said: "We are working hard to secure daily availability of fresh bread, milk, butter, fruit and vegetables. We have a plentiful supply of local potatoes available in 10kg and 25kg bags, meat, freshly baked cakes and pies, pasties, cheeses from the deli counter, dry goods, alcohol and soft drinks, four-pack toilet rolls.

"Due to high demand, we will have to limit the supply of eggs to six per person. Whilst stocks last. Limits may apply to other high demand products.

"For all home deliveries, due to high demand please may we ask for 48 to 72 hours notice minimum on orders. We will contact each customer upon receipt of order where possible, to confirm stock availability, substitutions, additions, payment and delivery slot.

"For any orders to locations outside a five-mile radius, we can offer a courier service (delivery charges will apply), subject to daily stock availability. Standard next day delivery is only available Monday to Thursday."


David Turner, a county councillor for Much Wenlock, shared an offer of help for people living in the Benthall area, near Broseley.

He said on social media: "If you’re in Benthall Lane or in The Bentlands, and are unable to leave the house for any purpose, help is at hand.

"In addition to deliveries from local traders, local volunteers may be able to help you out. If you need help, or know someone who requires assistance, please email or phone 07971 166457.

"And, if you’re able to spare some time to volunteer for shopping, collecting a prescription, dog-walking, or just having chat on the telephone with someone living alone, please send a message to the same email address."


Broseley has a mutual aid group to share information and coordinate volunteers with those who need help.

The group's description online said: "This group has been set up to help co-ordinate voluntary support in Broseley and nearby during the coronavirus outbreak.

"If you are able to volunteer to deliver to people self-isolating or collect food/supplies please register."

Find the group here.

Buildwas Church

Buildwas Church said: "We are offering help to local residents with grocery shopping – we can fetch for you or order online.

"If there's anything else we can do for you, such as fetch a prescription or newspaper, post a letter, or if you need emotional or spiritual support, or you think someone may need help, then please let us know by calling 01952 432497."

Also see the Buildwas Church Facebook page.

Buildwas and surrounding areas

Buildwas Village Hall, with the support of Shropshire Council, is offering a meals on wheels service to elderly, vulnerable, and those on benefits or who may not be able to shop or cook for themselves.

A hot meal can be delivered to your home on weekday lunchtimes if you live within around 15 minutes' drive of Buildwas.

For more information, call Judy Holden on 07956 336239 or visit the Facebook page -

Burton Borough School, Newport

The Burton Borough School in Newport has donated all of its personal protective equipment, including goggles, aprons and gloves, to the NHS.


Coffee chain Costa donated dozens of tins of coffee to respiratory staff at the Princess Royal Hospital.

Dr Elin Roddy said the shipment would help her team keep going during the crisis.

The Ward 22 team at Princess Royal Hospital with the donated coffee

The Crown, Albrighton

The Crown has started collecting donations of items which are being divided into boxes and delivered to people who are self-isolating.

Toilet roll, fresh milk, biscuits and tinned goods are among items already donated to the pub.

Lee Maddox, manager of the pub, said since Friday about 40 boxes of items have been donated.

He said: “We started it when people began to isolate, it was a way of providing for people in the village who can’t get outside, especially as the shops are running low.

“With the help of the local community, the first responders will be delivering the items to people in need. We had a lot more donated than we thought we would.”

Dorrington Community Support

A Facebook page called Dorrington Community Support has been established for the people of Dorrington and the surrounding area.

Email to learn more.

Food Share Project

Surplus food from supermarkets is being handed out to those who need it in and around Telford.

The Food Share Project is sharing its collections with the community, and will be working to keep its services going over the coming weeks.

Lea Beven, part of the project, said: "We will be doing everything we can to keep running, and we may need alternative food storage locations and places to hold events if any of our centres close. If necessary we will work a drive through or outreach."

Anybody who needs help can visit

Friends of the Bowring Park, Wellington

The Friends of the Bowring Park in Wellington have established a coronavirus help group.

Find the group here.

Friends of Leegomery Methodist Church

The Friends of Leegomery Methodist Church says they are willing to help anyone in the community who is in isolation, elderly or vulnerable during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

They said: "If you need shopping, anything from a pint of milk to your weeks groceries, your newspaper, post a letter, collect a prescription or just wish to talk to someone please telephone John Bowdler on 07790 494847 who will take details of your requirements, arrange to get what you need and let you know when it is to be delivered.

"Please do not feel you are alone, we are here to help."

Gary Buttery, Wellington

Gary Buttery of Wellington said: "I live close to Wellington centre, and go to Morrisons most days.

"I don't have a car. I can carry some shopping with both arms as long as it's not too heavy as I have joint problems.

"Fetching prescriptions too sounds okay. I can't think of anything else, but am open to suggestions."

Contact Gary on or call 07498 752860.

Gemma Sprague, Lawley

Gemma, from Lawley, said: "I can run errands, pick up shopping, collect prescriptions etc."

Email or call 07557 471132.

The Grazing Cow, Lawley

The Grazing Cow pub in Lawley has begun hosting online versions of its popular pub quizzes.

Landlord Stuart MacDonald chaired the first virtual pub quiz on Sunday, April 5, which drew over 150 respondents.

He said on social media that the team at the Grazing Cow plans to continue hosting the quizzes from 7.30pm on Sundays.

Visit the pub on Facebook to find out more.

The Huntsman, Little Wenlock

Colette Smith, of The Huntsman in Little Wenlock, is offering to help anybody who needs it locally.

She said: "I am just volunteering to do small things for my local community."

Call her on 07811 610056.


Jackfield has its own online private support network for the vulnerable and self-isolating.

Find the group here.

Lawley Village Store

The team at the Lawley Village Store normally hand-delivers orders to those who can't get to the shop and will continue during the coronavirus crisis.

"It's an ongoing thing," said owner Sunil Verma.

"The older people or people who can't get out there that need a delivery – as soon as one of us has five minutes we will deliver it.

"There are people out there who need help, if you can do it you help."

To contact Mr Verma call 07943 556603.

Mark Kettle

Mark Kettle, whose mother was looked after at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital after an aneurysm, is showing his gratitude with an online fundraiser to pay for personal protective equipment for hospital staff.

His fundraiser has already garnered more than £500 of donations.

He said: "The reason I decided to do a fundraising page was in December 2019 my mum took ill and had a life-changing operation within the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

"Our family all stuck together and at very pressing times the surgeons and nurses within the hospital were absolutely amazing and outstanding, I couldn’t fault them for anything.

"Within the period my mum was in hospital we decided to send food into the nurses on a daily basis. I thought this is the only way we could pay back the nurses' and doctors' amazing services.

"But with Covid-19 on our doorstep times have got even harder for emergency, NHS and other services so I’ve decided to open a page so we can give back to the NHS some PPE and other life-saving essentials.

"We are aiming for £2,000 but if you could top that this would be amazing. I’d like to thank everybody for their support up to now."

Find the fundraiser here.

Mark Shinton, Madeley

Mark, from Madeley, said: "I'm willing to walk dogs or do anything else that helps."

Call 07727 079253 or email

Mudassar Chohan, Wellington

Mudassar Chohan of Admaston Road, Wellington, has been contacting his elderly neighbours.

He said: "I have sent messages to all elderly neighbours 'if you require any help during this difficult period like collection of shopping/prescriptions et cetera or gardening, I am here for you'."

Contact Mudassar by ringing 07529 731346.

Noah Smith, Trench

Noah lives at 108A, Trench Road, the Brambles, TF2 7DW, Telford, and said: "I can help with picking up shopping and collecting prescriptions."

Email or call 07966 278390.

Norbury Wharf

A boat hire firm is offering the use of its boats for free to any key workers in the NHS and emergency services who need to self-isolate with their families.

Norbury Wharf near Newport will offer its boats for free so workers can isolate on the Shropshire Union Canal.

Norbury Wharf director David Ray said: “Isolating yourself and your family for a week or two is probably easier on a boat than anywhere else. Just bring along supplies of food and drink and you can take yourselves off into the beautiful spring countryside and enjoy the air and the absence of crowds.

“Nobody needs that sort of break more than the people trying to keep us safe, doctors, nurses and ambulance staff especially, and if they have to isolate themselves it makes sense to get away from everything for a time.

“We hope that we can show our appreciation by offering these free breaks. All anyone has to do is call our office and speak to our staff and we will happily book them in, subject to availability, even the next day.

“We are already taking all precautions to ensure our boats are thoroughly cleaned, following all the approved procedures, to ensure they are truly safe havens.

“If you stock up with food and drink, you need never get close to another person for a week or two, yet you will be travelling through the countryside and seeing it in a way that you never have before.

To learn more, visit or call 01785 284292.

Oakgate Nursery

Gardeners can keep calm and stay green-fingered thanks to a free delivery service.

Oakgate Nursery and Garden Centre at Ellerdine near Wellington will be offering free delivery of its plants with no minimum order to all over 65 or self isolating.

Bosses at the nursery said: "It might just help with peoples mental health if they can still do their gardens whilst in isolation.

"Let us know where you would like your order left and we'll happily oblige. We appreciate carrying bags of compost and heavy items round to the back garden can be difficult for some."

Those interested in the service can call 01939 250428 to arrange payment and delivery.

Pet food bank

Lindsay Forrest of Shaman's K9 Services in Telford said: "I'm setting up a pet food bank where people can donate food for pets, then those hitting financial hardship during this pandemic can get free food.

"It's really simple but hopefully it'll help those out who are stuck at work or isolating, and the more vulnerable, more so as it's a struggle to get pet food as everyone is bulk buying that too."

Visit or email to learn more.

The Pondicherry, Ironbridge

The Pondicherry restaurant in Ironbridge is inviting donations so it can cook hot meals for health workers, paramedics and vulnerable people.

The restaurant hopes to make its first deliveries next Monday, April 6, and then additional dates to be confirmed.

The website's restaurant said: "Food will be distributed to NHS and emergency services staff as a priority, followed by vulnerable people and workers in all other categories.

"Dietary requirements and allergies will be taken into full consideration. A set menu will be devised for each date."

To sign up, visit and to donate, visit


Priorslee in Telford also has a support group online.

Its description said: "Forum for people who need support or specific items (excluding toilet roll!)."

Find the group here.

The Red House, Albrighton

The Red House has been given the temporary use of the 11-seater 'Albrighton Flyer' minibus by Albrighton Parish Council and is using it is a mobile shop to get essentials to the villagers.

Elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged people can buy milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. The shop also has a small supply of Calpol and paracetamol.

A statement from the Red House Albrighton said: "The mobile shop can be contacted on the flyer number 07543 869754.

"Following a request from the pharmacy, the flyer and our volunteers will also be assisting in the delivery of medicines.

"In addition we will be delivering food parcels from the food bank, for those who request one from St Mary’s Church.

"Please can you be good neighbours and tell those living near you who might be helped by the mobile shop?

"This initiative has been made possible by generous financial support from the Red House, St Mary’s Church, Relief in Need, the Melville Club and the Wynn Foundation.

"If you would like to donate either food or cash to support this community initiative please contact Mandy on 07817 417314 or Jenny on 07974 950135."


Anyone in Sambrook, between Newport and Market Drayton, who needs assistance can contact a group of about two dozen volunteers.

Sambrook Community Help also covers Pickstock, Ellerton, Howle, Standford Bridge, and Ercall Heath.

Judy Frost said: "Sambrook Community Help continues to offer help to the vulnerable and self-isolated in and close to Sambrook and are coordinating with a group of 23 volunteers to help avoid duplication and focus where their efforts are most needed.

"Anyone looking for assistance or a friendly phone call can email or call on 07711 710694."

The Shakespeare Inn, Newport

The Shakespeare Indian Bar and Grill is giving out bags of essentials for the elderly in the local area, including tinned food, tea bags and toiletries.

Shawbirch, Bratton, Admaston and Wrockwardine

Debbie Farley said: "Our Facebook group called Shawbirch, Bratton, Admaston and Wrockwardine Covid-19 Community Help now has over 230 members.

"We are running with a team of six co-ordinators and asking people to sign up as volunteers, of which there are currently around 20.

"The page is designed to provide the suggestions on how to help neighbours and to co-ordinate activities – also to help people feel part of the community, not alone and supported by their neighbours.

"We are organising mass leafleting across the area and achieving this by asking everyone who can to just do their own immediate area, one or two streets.

"We are also encouraging people to set up WhatsApp groups for their immediate neighbours so that people can ask for and receive help quickly if needed.

"As well as neighbours' support we are also encouraging local businesses to contribute to the group with what goods and services they are offering, for example, food deliveries, so that we can continue to support them too.

"If people need support they should join the Facebook group or, alternatively, use the email:

"Within the next week we hope to have dropped leaflets containing contact details to all residents in the area."


Sheriffhales, north of Shifnal, has a thriving community of volunteers ready to help anyone in the parish who needs it.

Pippa Hodgetts along with others organised a WhatsApp group which ballooned to 55 volunteers.

They dropped off 250 leaflets to households across the village with offers of help.

The leaflet said: "We'll listen to what you need and then get one of our lovely team members to help as best we can.

"We can help with things like fetching essential supplies or medicine, posting mail, dropping off reading books, walking well-behaved dogs or just keeping in touch with a friendly phone call."

To contact the volunteers, call or message Pippa Hodgetts on 07811 143195 or 01952 460474.

She said: "The sense of community in Sheriffhales is really strong."

Shifnal Help

A community help network has been established in Shifnal to "help those vulnerable during these difficult times".

Shifnal Help has a helpline at St Andrew's Church in the town.

To ask for help or support, even a listening ear, call 01952 462271.

Find the group here.


A Telford charity is seeking volunteers to provide support for the most vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak.

Stay, which is based at Meeting Point House at Southwater, has set up Telford Covid-19 Support Network which will provide support to people across the borough,

The charity is looking volunteers to perform tasks such as delivering food parcels and collecting medication. People with administrative skills are also being sought.

Chief executive Terry Gee said the charity already had a strong band of volunteers, but added that demand was growing steadily.

"Luckily, so is the help and support of the kind people of Telford and Wrekin, so we are asking those who are well and willing to register with us on the Stay website, to get help out to those in most need," he added.

To get involved, please see the website

Telford Batman

Jay Gough, known as the Telford Batman, wears a bat-suit he built himself for £2,000 and wears it around the streets of Telford to entertain children and young people.

During the lockdown he has been patrolling Telford, waving to children who are stuck indoors.

Military veteran Jay said that wearing the suit and helping keep other people's spirits high has helped him with his own post-traumatic stress disorder.

He built his suit over the course of a year with the help of Kevin Stevens, New Zealand's Wellington Batman.

Jay said: "I have had a lot of treatment in various ways, none of it worked – if anything it made it worse.

"I realised that if I wanted to help myself I need to help others."

Jay also collects money for two charities: Children with Cancer UK and the Hope House hospice in Morda, near Oswestry.

See Jay's Facebook page to learn more and donate.

Telford Cares

The Telford Cares Facebook group has been set up for people wanting to help the vulnerable or elderly in the Telford area.

Telford Coronavirus Support

The Telford Coronavirus Support group has over 12,000 members.

It said: "This group has been set up for both information purposes and also to help anyone in the Telford community who may be in isolation and in desperate need of items."

You can request to join the group here.

Telford Crisis Support

Telford Crisis Support's food bank has been operating for the last seven years, supporting the most vulnerable in society with food and toiletries.

A statement said: "We work with schools, churches, community groups, supermarkets and businesses, as well as our volunteers who give on average 300 hours of their time each month.

"In March we provided the equivalent of 11,000 meals in food parcels that were then distributed across the borough.

"To access a food parcel referral please ring 01952 380400 (Telford and Wrekin Council) or 01952 567174 (Citizens Advice Telford and the Wrekin)."

Telford Senior Citizens Forum

The Telford Senior Citizens Forum is offering telephone support to older people who are feeling isolated or need some help.

Volunteers can offer a regular call and a friendly chat to make sure older people are coping.

Chris Fox, forum co-ordinator, said: "Self-isolation doesn't mean having to manage alone.

"We have a group of very willing volunteers offering to be telephone buddies and keep in regular touch, and working with others such as Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin, we’ll try to get you any practical help you need too, such as getting groceries and medications.

"It’s a very scary time made much harder by having to self-isolate. Just having someone to chat to can make a huge difference."

Call 07932 828333 or 07552 975676 Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. Leave a message outside of these hours.

The Walnut, Wellington

The Walnut in Tan Bank is delivering grocery boxes to residents who are self isolating.

Owner Karen Lee said: “There are many people, especially the elderly and vulnerable, who have been told to stay inside for 12 weeks and who are not comfortable with ordering their essential food online – also many supermarkets have no delivery slots available.

“We are a very community-minded restaurant and always try to get involved in helping local people so decided to start delivering grocery boxes around Wellington and further afield to those unable to leave the house.

“Telford & Wrekin Council have identified some people who need assistance in this time of crisis and we are also dealing directly with customers.

“These boxes contain a lovely range of fruit and veg, eggs, milk and bread for £20 and we do not charge for delivery.

“We are more than happy to source other items for people who are in need of help and are offering this service free of charge in the TF1 area."

The Walnut also offers a selection of ready meals for £3.

Paola Armstrong of the Love Wellington initiative said: “What a great service – we are so pleased that community-minded businesses such as The Walnut are going the extra mile in this time of crisis.”

Karen Lee and Kiki Pope of the Walnut

Waters Upton

An online community for Waters Upton, in Telford & Wrekin, has been sharing information and offers for residents who need help while isolating.

The Waters Upton Community can be found by searching on Facebook.

The Waters Upton Parish Council website also offers information as well as phone numbers for chairman Bryan Rothwell and clerk Katrina Baker.

Visit or call 01952 541599 or 07813 788094.

Wrockwardine Deanery

Wrockwardine Deanery covers Buildwas, Crudgington, Eaton Constantine, High Ercall, Leighton, Longdon on Tern, Rodington, Rowton, Uffington, Uppington, Upton Magna, Withington, and Wrockwardine.

They said: "We are NOT closed for business’. In light of the government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is currently suspended until further notice, though funerals can still go ahead.

"If you require any spiritual guidance in these difficult times, please contact a local member of clergy. For more information, please visit our Deanery website

"If you are not in our Deanery, you can find a church near you at"

Contact Rev Andy Ackroyd, Team Rector and Rural Dean of Wrockwardine Deanery on 01952 252078 or Rev Christine Tough on 01952 510530.


Alveley Support Group

There is a network in Alveley, near Bridgnorth, with volunteers offering to help in whatever way they can.

A statement from the group said: "If you’re self-isolating, we can help.

"Alveley Support Group is a team of volunteers at the end of the phone ready to help with shopping orders and collections, (can’t guarantee we’ll get it but we’ll do our best), prescriptions, anything you’ve run out of, dog walking, or just a chat if you need a friendly voice.

"Call us on 07488 311273 or email"

The group will also endeavour to supply books to those who are out of reading material.

Residents can also visit for more information on national, regional and local advice for those dealing with isolation.

Bridgnorth Covid-19 Mutual Aid

The Bridgnorth Facebook group has been created alongside a WhatsApp group with the same name and a dedicated email address of

You can request to join the group here.

Compassionate Communities

In Bridgnorth people have been offered support from a medical practice, through its Compassionate Communities scheme, which has been running for the past three years.

The system has been used to help the vulnerable and now the practice is offering to use its small number of volunteers to potentially help with collecting shopping and other services.

The scheme was set up by Zoe Clarke, Bridgnorth Medical Practice’s care co-ordinator, who said they were expecting an increase in demand in light of the coronavirus crisis.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a volunteer should call Zoe to discuss the role on 01746 713944.

Dana Power

A fundraising dragon has been doing the rounds in Bridgnorth to entertain children and keep spirits high.

Dana Power is best known as Puff/Puffina the fundraising dragon, for running races in his unique costume to support various charities.

With general society on coronavirus lockdown, Mr Power has been doing his daily exercise in his famous suit and waving along to children who are stuck at home.

He reminded any families looking out for him to keep their distance.

Highley Covid-19 Support Group

St. Mary's Church and Highley Parish Council have teamed up to create a network of supporters that are available seven days a week.

"Hello neighbours, if you have any concerns or are self-isolating or feeling alone, we are here to help.

"This support group has been set up by St Mary's Highley and Highley Parish Council with the sole aim of offering assistance wherever we can during this outbreak.

"If you are self-isolating due to coronavirus we can help with: picking up shopping, a friendly phone call, posting mail, and prescription collection."

Those in need of support can make their request known online at or by phone – there is a different set of contact numbers per day of the week. Landline numbers begin 01746.

On Mondays call Thelma on 562005 or Peter on 862553.

On Tuesdays call Mike & Moira on 862837 or Jan on 07582 003972.

On Wednesdays call Pat on 861155 or Elaine on 861431.

On Thursdays call Ella on 861979 or Dave on 07979 295387.

On Fridays call Bernadine on 862137 or Martin on 961813.

On Saturdays call Roy on 861666 or Merv and Liz on 862989.

On Sundays, try any of the above numbers.

The community support service is supported by Highley Medical Practice and Highley Pharmacy.

Keith Alderson Butchers

Keith Alderson Butchers has set up a drive through in Sydney Cottage Drive, Bridgnorth so that customers don't need to enter the shop.

They pay over the phone and then, upon arrival, staff drop off their order into a boot.

The butchers also has a team of volunteers helping them to deliver goods, which is free to Bridgnorth and the surrounding area.

Louise Creswick

Louise Creswick said: "I'm a self-employed coach who specialises in grief, loss and wellbeing. I'm offering free online/telephone support to those who are struggling with social isolation, mental health concerns, the loss of a loved one during these difficult times, or experiencing any kind of grief."

Contact Louise at or call 07730 658390.

Mike & Sarah’s Family Butchers

Sarah-Jane and Mike Pearce are making free deliveries of groceries to people who can’t get out to the shops

Mike & Sarah’s Family Butchers, in Whitburn Street, Bridgnorth, are offering free deliveries to vulnerable people who are worried about going out to get their shopping.

Sarah-Jane Pearce, who has been running the business with her husband Mike for 13 years, said: “I was doing a delivery when an elderly man came up to me asking whether we delivered to homes.

“He said he had chest problems and was worried. He wanted us to deliver to him.

“We want to look after our own customers but we’ve also seen a massive increase of people coming through the doors.

“I wanted to make sure people are being looked after and it’s lovely that we’ve had a lot of offers from our customers to deliver to people as well.

"We sell milk and vegetables too and we are delivering in the quantities people want, they don’t have to have a lot delivered. We are trying to help out people the best we can.”

Much Wenlock Mutual Aid

The group is ready to hear from people in and around Much Wenlock.

The group also produces a factsheet which is regularly updated and available online, as well as printed off and distributed physically.

It includes details for traders that can help supply those who are isolated, as well as the names of support services.

The sheet said: "Let’s help each other, as best we can, to get through this period of anxiety, uncertainty and potential loneliness.

"Please think about the needs of your neighbours, especially (but not exclusively) the elderly and vulnerable. Give them a call on the telephone.

"Make sure they have food and other essential items, check whether they need help with shopping and make sure they have your phone number(s)."

Find the group online and see the factsheet here or call 07808 071276 to learn more about what is available.

North Shropshire

Avril Mountford, Wem

Avril Mountford in Wem said she is "willing to do anything that I can help with".

To contact her, call 01939 236886.


The parish of Baschurch has seen residents working with the All Saints' Church to help people.

Tina Lord from Baschurch said: "We have set up a support group within Baschurch parish, teamed with the local church to help vulnerable or self-isolating people with shopping/prescription collection/befriending and any other needs.

"We now have a bank of over 30 volunteers willing to help and a local supermarket delivery service and a prescription delivery service."

To access support, email or visit here.

Childs Ercall Village Club

Childs Ercall's village social club is the focal point for volunteers trying to help the remote parish's elderly and isolated.

The Childs Ercall Village Club and Community Association is distributing leaflets offering to pick up shopping, deliver post, walk dogs and more.

A statement on social media said: "Each helper has been given an area of the village to post their leaflets and this will include their personal contact details.

"We also have a WhatsApp group together so if any one of us is unable to help we will ask the group for someone who can.

"We would like to stress this is purely to help anyone who is self isolating or feels they are unhappy/unable to leave their home for vital supplies, prescriptions and dog walking as examples.

"It is things like this which show what a truly incredible and supportive village we live in."

Visit here to learn more.

Clive Village Stores

The owner of the recently-refurbished Clive Village Stores at Clive, near Wem, said she will do what she can to bring supplies to her customers who are staying at home.

Helen Atkinson, shop owner, said: “I would like to tell the people of Clive that I am doing my utmost to make it business as usual. Some of my suppliers have had a few issues this week but I’m confident it will be okay.

“My advice is don’t panic, use common sense and if you are coughing with a temperature, just don’t visit, call me and I will do my best to get supplies to you.

“Likewise those who have no choice but to self-isolate, I’m sure we can get together a team of people to help me get essentials out to people in need, and rest assured you’ll get my best.

"Keep positive and stay calm.”

To contact the shop, call 07914 867862.

The interior of the stores was refurbished ahead of being reopened under new management in December. The work was carried out by Shrewsbury-based architectural design company Design Forum.

Comyn Bruce Catering by Georgia

Georgia is offering free delivery within 20 miles of Wem to clients buying prepared meals from her.

Coronavirus Support and Volunteers to Help Vulnerable in Oswestry + Borders

The Oswestry and surrounding area Facebook group gathered almost 1,000 supporters in one day.

It said: "Looking for volunteers to co-ordinate and help existing charities and groups raise awareness of help the isolated groups during virus out break... and initiate local communities to support the vulnerable."

You can request to join the group here.

Ellesmere Covid-19 Community Support Group

The Ellesmere Covid-19 Community Support Group is registering people in the area who need support in various ways.

Contact Ellesmere Town Council's clerk Joanne Butterworth to register interest.

Call 01691 596290 or 01691 622689, email or visit the group's Facebook page.

Gillhams Deli

Gillhams Delicatessen in Oswestry said: "Don’t panic... Gillhams has it covered. Our delivery service has been extremely busy this week. Our grocery boxes are especially popular. We offer freshly baked breads, home cooked meats, fresh fruit, cereals, eggs and much more.

"We make all our grocery boxes to order, and drop them to your doorstep, hassle free. Call us on 01691 653187 or drop us an email and we’ll keep your cupboards full!"

Helping Hands Whitchurch

A mutual aid group is helping vulnerable people in Whitchurch.

Helping Hands Whitchurch, supported by the Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, coordinates volunteers who collect shopping and prescriptions, plus carry out deliveries.

They also offer contact services including phone calls for isolated people.

Visit the group here.

Lilly's Lunches, Whitchurch

The catering company is offering a special menu each week with four fresh meals to choose from which can be delivered to those in self-isolation or to the elderly.

All main meals are £4.50 each and can be delivered with advanced notice. Call 07734 583704 for more information.

The Little Blue Elephant Catering Company, Market Drayton

The Little Blue Elephant Catering Company is adapting to its new delivery service.

Tracey Lowe from the company has been delivering the meals herself.

People can text to order their meals, which can include quiche, pie, sausage rolls, healthy 'ready meals' or even Sunday dinner.

Customers can transfer money electronically or leave payment outside.

The service will not be available the week starting April 6 but should return the following week.

See the company's Facebook page for more information. Text orders to 07449 977442.

Market Drayton Indoor Market

Market Drayton's indoor market is continuing to trade on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a 'drive-by' service.

A post on the market hall's Facebook page explained how the service works: "Market Drayton indoor food hall is open on Wednesday and Saturday from 6am.

"We are now offering a ‘drive by’ service. Personal message this page. We will take your order, give you a contact number, park in the loading bay or lower car park. Ring the number you are given when placing your order and one of us will bring your order to you.

"The stall follows 2m guide lines."

Still on sale at the market are poultry, eggs, cooked meats, cheese, quiches, cakes, beef, pork, lamb, fish and more.

Market Drayton Youth Club

The Market Drayton Youth Club is hosting regular virtual sessions to keep young people occupied.

A post on the youth club's Facebook page said: "We are running a virtual youth club on Wednesday night at 5.30pm for an hour through Zoom.

"It’s really good and it’s a great way to catch up, have a chat and play some games through this very challenging time. It’s good fun!"

To access the sessions, download the free Zoom app and access the link on the club's Facebook page.

MBO Safety Services

An Oswestry health and safety company has been called in to test health staff for face masks.

MBO Safety Services was approached to support staff at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen.

Marvin Owen from the company said: "The testing is carried out to ensure their masks are sealed and fitted correctly to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

"The NHS is working immensely hard at this difficult time and our team are working day and night to accommodate the NHS.

"As long as they need our support we will be here to protect the NHS and help save lives."

Mincher-Lockett & Co opticians, Market Drayton

An optician shop in Market Drayton said they will happily assist anyone who has questions about eye health, as well as food needs and any medical issues.

Mincher-Lockett & Co are now providing a limited service with routine eye exams, contact lens check-ups, dispensing and eye-wear styling consultation appointments postponed until further notice.

But the practice will remain open for urgent, emergency and essential eye health care and also for key workers such as doctors and nursing staff.

Anyone who needs emergency treatment, urgently needs eye drops, contact lenses, lid wipes or glasses repairs, or simply wants to discuss their situation, should call 01630 652945 or 07554 175651.

Essential eye care would include appointments for patients who would not normally be considered to be emergencies, but where, in the practitioner’s professional judgement, a delay in an examination may be detrimental to a patient’s sight or wellbeing.

Practice owners Sam and Eva Dave will be contacting everyone who has an appointment to re-arrange.

Practice owner, Mr Dave said: "During these difficult times we still want to be here for you whether that is via our emergency services or just a chat if you want to reach out.

"If you need anything at all, from a friendly chat about eyes, or health in general such as food or any medical issues, please, please give us a call and we will do our best as medical professionals and friends to help you. We wish everyone safe health at this turbulent time."

Sam Dave, owner at Mincher-Lockett & Co

North Shropshire Good Neighbour Network

The North Shropshire Good Neighbour Network is an online community for people to share information with each other and to access or offer support.

The group's description said: "This page is a place to centralise resources and connect people who want to volunteer to help others during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Access the group on Facebook, at

Oswestry Angels

The Oswestry Angels volunteers have been given face masks by a kind-hearted resident.

Mike Lade from the Angels said: "Face masks are proving difficult to source for the Oswestry Angels volunteers so resident Alan Jenkins has brought out a sewing machine and has run up 30 masks for us.

"Made from cotton and elastic and at least is better than no mask and is machine-washable.

"Thank you Alan."

The Oswestry Angels were set up by volunteers with the help of Oswestry Town Council to help the elderly and vulnerable.

One of those getting involved is Oswestry's new town councillor, Les Maguire. He was out and about this week delivering supplies to residents in his ward.

"We anticipate that the call on our services will increase in the next weeks and months as restrictions take grip," he said.

To learn more about the group, visit

Oswestry & District Driving Instructor Association

A group of Oswestry driving instructors will offer 17 key workers 30 hours of free driving lessons each.

The Oswestry & District Driving Instructor Association (ODDIA) has banded together in the coronavirus crisis and will provide free lessons for health workers, the emergency services, education and childcare workers, 'key public services', food supply and production and delivery and transport.

Those who would like to apply are asked to contact one of the 17 instructors directly with details of their employment. Each instructor will randomly choose one lucky applicant who will get 30 hours of driving lessons, not including theory and practical tests.

ODDIA chair Gareth Jones said: "Although our roles are non-essential at the moment, we have been discussing ways that we can show our appreciation and give something back to those working selflessly on the frontline of our community.

"It’s our small way of paying something back to those that are going above and beyond in this time of need."

Contact Gareth Jones of Stop and Go Driving on 07531 542303 and Catherine Jones of the same company on 07980 191382.

Contact Richard Jermy of Clever Dicks Driving School on 07885 846202.

Contact Matt Tinsley of Tinsley LPD on 07715 406203.

Contact Andy Clark on A Class School of Motoring on 07946 472825.

Contact Ian Ollerenshaw of Ian’s Driving School on 07855 714641.

Contact Lee Rogers of Oswestry Learners on 07772 712338.

Contact Claire Vaughan’s School of Motoring on 07944 854109.

Contact Mike Thomas of Mike’s School of Motoring on 07765 480968.

Contact Laura Jones of Laura’s School of Driving on 07866 703234.

Contact Audrey Bowler on 07811 558785.

Contact Alan Jones of AJ Driving School 07977 266492.

Contact Shaun Bowen of Zoom Driver Training on 07929 607559.

Contact Neil Kershaw Driving School on 07932 564507.

Contact Maggie Green of A Licence To Drive on 07772 460909.

Contact Paul Ford Driving School on 07708 936543.

Contact Phil Picking on Norm's School Of Motoring on 07729 295844.

Oswestry Iceland

Iceland in Oswestry has reduced its opening hours due to the outbreak but is also opening for two hours specifically for the elderly between 9am and 11am on Wednesday.

Owen Paterson MP

The North Shropshire MP tweeted: "If you are in North Shropshire and want to help those affected by #coronavirus, fill in the form here and I will share your details with local organisations looking for volunteers. If you need assistance, please email me on"

Pant coronavirus support group

Volunteers in Pant near Oswestry have set up a support service for those that need it.

The group has been set up to offer essential food and supplies shopping as well help getting to medical appointments and overcoming loneliness for those hit by coronavirus. They will help those over 70, pregnant, with an underlying medical condition or who are self-isolating due to a family member being ill.

Richard Banks, who set up the group, said: "We have set up a group of volunteers to help those in lock-down, those who are old or those who are vulnerable. We need more volunteers, however."

Anybody who needs help or is interesting in volunteering can email

St Martins

St Martins, near Oswestry, has its own online group bringing people together and providing information for those affected by the situation.

The group's description said it is: "A group for the community to offer and receive help in the current situation."

Find the group on Facebook to learn more.

The Village Bakery

A family-owned bakery donated honey and spelt bread to the Hope House hospice in Morda, near Oswestry.

The Village Bakery, based in Wrexham, also delivered loaves to the the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, in Gobowen, Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham and staff at the Pendine Park care organisation which has care homes in Wales.

The bakery is planning two more drops next week and the week after.

It comes at a time when they have had to ramp up bread production by 200 per cent to cope with demand from the supermarkets and the independent stores they supply.

Heath Arnfield, the hospitality manager at Hope House, which also runs the Tŷ Gobaith Hospice in the Conwy Valley, said: “I think the very fact that the Village Bakery is thinking of hospices and good causes at is fantastic.

“As a country there’s proof all over the place that we’re pulling together in these difficult times.

“We told the staff and the children that a special consignment was coming and everybody was over the moon with that, and the fact that they’re being thought about at this moment in time.”

Wem Covid-19 Community Support Group

Wem has its own Covid-19 support group on Facebook.

The group, with more than 1,000 members, is a community page for helping others to source essential items, as well as create a support network.

Find the group here.

West Felton

A private group has been set up for the residents of West Felton, near Oswestry.

It is intended to coordinate support for residents who have to self-isolate.

Search Facebook for West Felton Support Network.

South Shropshire

Aston Munslow Garage and Shop

A shop in Aston Munslow has been praised for its service to the south Shropshire community.

Barbara Marston in the Corvedale said the Aston Munslow Garage and Shop has been "providing a brilliant, safe service to the local community".

"Ring in order, pay by contactless card if you can, but other payments accepted, collect from designated shelves. No entry to shop so very health conscious.

"Many thanks to Michael, Vicky and family for enabling us to have fresh bread, milk, eggs fruit and veg."

Call the shop on 01584 841280.

Berry's coffee house, Church Stretton

The Berry's coffee house is delivering soup to homes in Church Stretton, All Stretton, Little Stretton and Craven Arms.

John Gott of Berry's said: "We can deliver soup (to heat up) with a sandwich, scones, cream teas and cakes. There is a minimum order of £10 in Craven Arms, but no minimum in the Strettons."

To learn more, call 01694 724452.

Clun Good Neighbours

Clun Good Neighbours helpline on 01588 640016 operates from 9am to 2pm, every day during the Covid-19 emergency.

A spokesman for the group said: "We cover the Clun Valley from above Newcastle on Clun, down to Aston on Clun including Twitchen.

"If you are stuck, Good Neighbours can help with a range of tasks: collecting prescriptions from The Meadows Surgery, Clun, local shopping, lifts to the surgery and can also be contacted to identify a volunteer for telephone support to those isolated at home. Even dog walking may be possible for those in quarantine.

"You’re not on your own. Contact us, we want to help. Initial enquiries about the food bank can also be made through the helpline."

Corvedale Churches

The Corvedale Churches have a Youtube channel with videos for morning prayers, addresses and complines.

Reverend John Beesley now produces the videos from his home rather than from church.

Find the channel here.

Corvedale Covid-19 Local Support Group

The group has been set up to support those in the Corvedale valley.

Call 01746 802093 or visit the Facebook page here.

Field House, Church Stretton

Field House Care Home said: "As a lot of people are now aware, Field House is currently closed off to all visitors other than essential healthcare professionals. These can be upsetting times for our residents and their families, however, these measures have been taken to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society and definitely in our care, including our dedicated staff team.

"I would like to ask a favour… if any of you are able, could you please spare a minute to send a postcard of kindness, a note, a poem or maybe a letter to our residents? Just to let them know they haven’t been forgotten about.

"If you include an address, maybe they could write back... a bit like a pen friend?

"If this is something you are interested in, please write to Field House Care Home, Field House Drive, Off Sandford Avenue, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 7AA.

"Many thanks in advance, Team Field House."

Hands Together Ludlow

"Hands Together Ludlow continues to offer help to the vulnerable and self isolated in and close to Ludlow and are coordinating with others including Portcullis Surgery to help ensure local volunteers avoid duplication and focus where their efforts are most needed. Anyone looking to volunteer to help can also contact us."

Email or call Peter on 07584 858056 or Sarah on 07464 068478.

Help with shopping and collection of prescriptions, Clungunford

Clungunford Parish Council and St Cuthbert's Parochial Church Council offer help with shopping, collection of prescriptions, even cheque changing, for residents of Clungunford and its satellite hamlets.

Contact Jonathan Roberts in the first instance on 01588 660673 or

Let's Go Ludlow

Sharing up-to-date information via @letsgoludlow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mayfair Community Centre, Church Stretton

The Mayfair Community Centre in Church Stretton is closed but the team there are determined to keep providing hot meals for people who find it difficult to cook for themselves.

A statement from chief officer Nicola Daniels said: "Mayfair and the health and wellbeing centre are closed to the general public until further notice.

"All classes and activities have been postponed apart from health one-to-one clinics which are by appointment only, and a small number of care related services.

"We continue to provide Mayfair Meals, in conjunction with our Good Neighbour Scheme, our hot meal service for people unable to cook for themselves.

"We will also be keeping in contact with people by phone and work with others to ensure people get the supplies they need. We are working with other organisations in the area to coordinate a response.

"If anyone is willing and able to help or needs help please contact Mayfair 01694 722077,,

"Our buildings may be closed but we are still here."

Portcullis Surgery, Ludlow

Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow has launched an appeal for volunteers who can either deliver food and essential items or call people who may be feeling lonely. People are asked to email

Stoke St. Milborough

Stoke St. Milborough, near Ludlow, has its own support group.

The group shares information on getting supplies as well as requests and offers for assistance.

There is also an associated WhatsApp group.

Find the page and access the WhatsApp group here.

Mid Wales

Llanfechain village and locality

David Evans said: "We've established a community group on Nextdoor, Facebook and WhatsApp to gather volunteers to help the vulnerable. We are making arrangements to deliver food, collect meds, and other essential errands for those in need. We are also offering support by phone for those in isolation to help combat loneliness."

Call David Evans on 07772 687377.

Send us your details here:

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