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Who were these teenager dancers? Do let us know

Where are they now? A classic teenage scene from yesteryear – the girls dance together, perhaps around their handbags, while the lads look on, smartly dressed in jackets and ties and, most of all, trying to be cool.

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Teenagers at Shrewsbury Youth Club around 60 years ago.

This is an old Star picture and we'd love to hear from anybody featured in this image to tell us more about the story.

Unfortunately our print is totally blank on the back but in the background the letters ..SBURY YO... are visible, giving a tantalising clue that this was probably Shrewsbury Youth Club.

There's also a glimpse of what might be a tea or coffee urn, serving up suitable teenage refreshments.

As for the date, we'll take a punt at it being the early 1960s which, if correct, would point to these youngsters all being in their 70s now. Look closely and you can see that one of the lads is cupping a sneaky fag in his hand.

Surely somebody must recognise themselves, even after all these decades. So if you do, drop us a line at