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10 aerial photographs of Shrewsbury from the 1950s and 1960s - how much has the county town changed?

Delve into the past with ten aerial snapshots of Shrewsbury from the 1950s and 1960s.

We discovered some beautiful aerial photography in our archive.

These vintage photos, from the Shropshire Star archive, offer a glimpse into the layout of the county town in the mid-20th century, showcasing its streets, squares, and landmarks.

Join us as we compare these snapshots to the Shrewsbury of today, reflecting on the changes that have shaped this historic county town over the years.

If you have any observations or reflections on these images or the layout of the town and how it's changed, please leave your thoughts below in the comments.

This aerial image shows Shrewsbury town centre in the 1950s. St Mary's Church, St Alkmund's Church, and St Julian's Church are all in the picture as is a busy Pride Hill on the left.
This aerial image of Shrewsbury was bought at a car boot sale in 2002. It is believed to have been taken in the 1950s.
Shrewsbury town centre and The Quarry, Shrewsbury. Taken in 1964.
This aerial image shows Shrewsbury town centre and the market hall in the 1950s. Why it was taken remains a mystery.
This aerial image of the town centre was taken in the 1950s. Old Shrewsbury market hall can be seen at the top.
This one was taken on September 23, 1964. The second phase of Shrewsbury market hall is under way. Also note The Quarry and The Dingle in the foreground.
This one is believed to have been taken at some point in 1960. It features Shrewsbury Smithfield in the foreground. The Telephone House was built here in 1961/62 so it must be before then.
This aerial view from 1965 shows the English Bridge, the Gay Meadow, the Coleham engine sheds and the River Severn (Bernard Cross).
This panorama shows the market hall the Welsh Bridge, St Chad's Church and, bottom right and the site of the demolished Smithfield. It is believed to have been taken in August 1965 (Bernard Cross).
This image was taken in May 1965. It features the 'new' Telephone House (by the river) and cars parked nearby on the old Shrewsbury Smithfield site. Also visible is the Granada cinema. (Bernard Cross)