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Campaigners call for a return of Freddie the Freighter to deal with Shrewsbury flytip menace

Campaigners are calling for a return of ‘Freddie the Freighter’ skips to deal with flytipping issues in Shrewsbury.

Former Mayor Jon Tandy and Alex Wagner by a skip in Harlescott Grange

‘Freddie the Freighter’ estate skips helped residents get rid of bulky waste until the new council was formed.

Now a petition supported by town Liberal Democrats to bring back the popular estate skips has already reached 350 signatures.

Until the former borough council that was abolished in 2009, residents used to be able to rely on a regular visit from the skip every couple of months. It would stay for an hour or so before being taken away, so that residents could get rid of any bulky waste easily and conveniently.

Former Mayor of Shrewsbury and Harlescott Grange resident Jon Tandy has joined with Councillor Alex Wagner to campaign to bring back the skips. The petition has already won the support of over 350 residents asked on the Grange, Meole Estate, and in Gains Park.

Mr Tandy said: “Lots of us who have been around the area for a long time remember Freddie the Freighter being brought around. It gave local people a chance to get rid of any bulky waste in an easy and convenient way. It seems like we see more and more fly-tipping around the Grange at the moment, and I think this would be a good way to stop people dumping.”

Councillor Wagner said: “Residents in Shrewsbury deserve to live in a clean, safe, well looked after town. Sadly, not everywhere currently meets that criteria, with fly-tipping and litter one of the top complaints I get as a councillor. Bringing back the estate skips would crack down on fly-tipping and help out residents who need to get rid of bulky waste, especially those without a car.”

The Liberal Democrat group on Shropshire Council is set to propose bringing back ‘Freddie the Freighter’ as part of the upcoming alternative budget process. This puts the ball in the court of the cabinet to incorporate proposals for the benefit of residents.

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